The Best Place to Enjoy Tokyo DisneySea’s Nighttime Show


I recently enjoyed Tokyo DisneySea’s “Believe! Sea of Dreams” at a perfect location!

In this article, I’ll share my recommended viewing spots.

What is “Believe! Sea of Dreams”?

The “Believe! Sea of Dreams” is a nighttime entertainment program that began at Tokyo DisneySea in November 2022.

Believe! Sea of Dreams
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Number of performances: Once a day

It is a very impressive show that includes not only the harbor show but also the projection mapping of Hotel MiraCosta.

The best feature of the show is that the entire Mediterranean Harbor is the stage, and it can be seen from anywhere in 360 degrees.

The Best Place to Enjoy “Believe! Sea of Dreams “

Believe! Sea of Dreams is so large scale that 360 degrees of Mediterranean Harbor is said to be a stage.

Therefore, depending on your location, you may not be able to see the entire show.

The best place to watch the show is in the area where you can see the entire Harbor.

However, Mickey Square, which is right in front of the show, is very popular and it is very difficult to get a spot.

You could purchase Disney Premier Access, but the DPA at Believe is only an area designation, not a reserved seat.

It means that there is a certain amount of waiting time even though you paid for it.

In some cases, depending on when you buy the DPA, the view may not be as good.

Therefore, we recommend viewing from the Fortress Exploration.

Location of Fortress Exploration

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Fortress Exploration is located at the base of Prometheus Volcano.

It can be reached from the Soaring Fantastic Flight, but it is closer to the American Waterfront side (walk clockwise around the sea from Mediterranean Harbor).

At Fortress Exploration, you can participate in a riddle-solving game called the “Leonardo Challenge,” but I am not sure if there is an English version.

Another thing I recommend about Fortress Exploration is the area where you can move the ship.

It costs 200 yen and takes about 10 minutes, but kids love it.

How long is the waiting time for “Believe! Sea of Dreams”

We went to Tokyo DisneySea on a consecutive holiday weekend in September.

The park was expected to be quite crowded, so we started taking our places 3 hours before the show just in case.

We were at Fortress Exploration before about 5:00 p.m. for the 7:30 p.m. show, and several groups had already laid out their leisure sheets and saved their places.

However, when we went to the top of the fortress, there was a front row available, so we decided to wait there until the show started.

Incidentally, Mickey Square was quite crowded an hour and a half before the show started, so I took some pictures for the record.

Well how did we spend the 3-hour wait, it was evening and we got our one-hand menu from a nearby restaurant.

We ate teriyaki chicken legs, and popcorn, and played Sudoku, and it was like 7:00 p.m. before we knew it.

In the meantime, equipment for the show was coming out to the Harbor, and our family never got tired of looking at the scenery lol.

The view of the “Believe! Sea of Dreams” from Fortress 

“Believe! Sea of Dreams” is a show staged with Mickey Square as the front.

Therefore, the Fortress side is the back side of the stage, but because the stage is 360 degrees, I didn’t feel like I had to endure any difficulty seeing it!

The barge movements were especially easy to see, and the projection mapping onto MiraCosta gave us a good view of the entire area.

I have uploaded a video on YouTube and you can watch it if you like.

While the entire Harbor is easy to see, the Vacation Package may be better for those who want to see the characters better.

We watched Believe last year from the Lido Isle with Vacation Package seats and could not see the projection mapping very well.

This time we could see the projection mapping really well.

Since it was at night and we mainly wanted to see the projection mapping, I think the Fortress side will be enough for us next time.


I have introduced the best places to watch the new nighttime entertainment at Tokyo DisneySea.

The park was crowded on a national holiday, and the attractions were not smooth, but the “Believe! was worth the wait.

I also recommend Zambini Brothers Ristorante if you want to see the daytime Harbor Show at DisneySea.

Thanks for reading to the end today.

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