Shows and Parades

Shows and parades in Tokyo Disney Resort

Shows and Parades

Review of DisneySea’s New Night Show with Vacation Package

"The new nighttime entertainment "Believe! Sea of Dreams" started at Tokyo DisneySea on November 11, 2022. I was...
Shows and Parades

5 Reasons Why You Should See Tokyo DisneySea’s Big Band Beat

In my last post, I shared an overview of Tokyo DisneySea's Big Band Beat, its merchandise, etc. If you haven't read it ...
Shows and Parades

Rehearsal Scene of Tokyo DisneySea’s New Night Show

During a recent stay at the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, I observed a rehearsal of the new night show. I wan...
Shows and Parades

Tokyo Disneyland New Fantasyland’s Show Overview

Tokyo Disneyland's new area (New Fantasyland), attractions, and greeting facilities opened on September 28, 2020. Am...
Shows and Parades

Japanese Version of the Broadway Musical “Frozen”

I saw the Broadway musical "Frozen" by Japan's Shiki Theater Company and was very impressed, so I'm sharing my review. ...
Shows and Parades

Tokyo DisneySea Shows | Big Band Beat Review

Attractions aren't the only way to enjoy Tokyo DisneySea. It also includes entertainment such as shows and parades. ...
Shows and Parades

Tokyo Disneyland’s new show “Club Mouse Beat”

The new show "Club Mouse Beat" will start on July 2 at Tokyo Disneyland.As a show-loving Disney fan, I'm so happy to se...

Mickey and Duffy’s Show You Can See Only in Tokyo Disney Sea

Do you know Duffy the Disney bear? Duffy is a teddy bear living in Cape Cod, a village in Tokyo Disney Sea(T...

The Perfect Guide to the Tokyo Disneyland Parade Dreaming Up!

If you go to Tokyo Disneyland, you can't miss the parade, can you? In this post, I'll share more information...
Shows and Parades

Lottery seating system in Tokyo Disney Resort shows

Introducing the shows which have the lottery seating system, how and where to draw.