5 Reasons Why You Should See Tokyo DisneySea’s Big Band Beat

In my last post, I shared an overview of Tokyo DisneySea’s Big Band Beat, its merchandise, etc. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so.

As a show-loving annual passport holder, I’m going to share five reasons why you should watch the Big Band Beat. I hope you’ll read to the end.

5 reasons why you should see Big Band Beat

Broadway Music Theater at Tokyo DisneySea

I recommend this show to you for the following five reasons.

  1. The only show in Tokyo Disney Resort is in English.
  2. The theater is indoors so that you can see the performances even in the rain.
  3. You can listen to live music (currently, due to a change in the show’s production, there is no band playing, but Mickey Mouse will play the drums).
  4. There are times when the audience claps their hands, and the whole venue gets excited.
  5. It is a stylish show for adults that only Tokyo DisneySea can offer.

I’ll dig into the above list one by one.

Reason1 : English-only show

Inside the Broadway Music Theater at Tokyo DisneySea

Big Band Beat is the only show at Tokyo Disney Resort that you can watch in English.

You may find it a little disappointing when you come to Japan because the shows are in Japanese. Do you think it’s boring to watch the show because you don’t understand Japanese? Don’t worry. Big Band Beat is only in English from start to finish. You can enjoy the show without a dictionary or interpreter even though you are in Japan.

Reason2 : No postponement for rain

Umbrellas in the store at Tokyo DisneySea

Big Band Beat is an indoor facility where you can sit and watch the show.

It doesn’t matter if the weather is good or bad, you can enjoy the show in comfort.

Reason 3 :Live performance

The highlight of the Big Band Beat was the live performance by Mickey Mouse and the band.

However, since April 1, the production has been partially changed, and there is no band. However, Mickey’s drumming remains the same and is now more attractive than before.

It is a tragedy that COVID-19 has reduced the number of dancers in the show. However, the new production is structured to cover that fact. You won’t be disappointed, and the 25 minutes will pass quickly.

Reason4 : Enjoy a sense of unity

Broadway Music Theater, Big Band Beat, Tokyo DisneySea

When the show starts, you may be surprised to find the audience clapping in unison.

Would you please try to clap your hands together? You’ll enjoy the show more.

Reason5 : A show for adults

Broadway Music Theater, Big Band Beat, Tokyo DisneySea

Big Band Beat is a sophisticated live entertainment experience for adults visiting Tokyo DisneySea.

It’s more like watching a show on the actual Broadway than a theme park show.


Here are five reasons why you should watch Big Band Beat at Tokyo DisneySea.

Big Band Beat is the only show in Tokyo Disney Resort that is entirely in English. If you’re in Japan and struggling to understand Japanese, this show will ease your stress.

Like I said, if you see Mickey Mouse play the drums, you will be impressed. Mickey Mouse is a multi-talented star.

There’s also My Friend Duffy at Tokyo DisneySea, which children love.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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