Mickey and Duffy’s Show You Can See Only in Tokyo Disney Sea

Mickey and Duffy's show at Capecod Cookoff, Tokyo Disney Sea

Do you know Duffy the Disney bear?

Duffy is a teddy bear living in Cape Cod, a village in Tokyo Disney Sea(TDS). His friends, ShellieMay and Gelatoni are all stuffed animals who can talk. The story of how Mickey got to know Duffy is written in a small card, included when you purchase a Duffy Teddy bear. It’s as follows.

The night before Mickey Mouse started his long voyage, Minnie Mouse made a teddy bear for Mickey so he won’t feel lonely. Mickey was grateful for her heartful present, and named this stuffed bear “Duffy”, because the bear was in a duffle bag. Mickey always takes Duffy with him on his trip all around the world, because Duffy always helps Mickey feel happy.

In the restaurant “Cape Cod Cook-Off” you can watch shows starring Duffy, Mickey, and their friends. This is an excellent place to take lunch in TDS. It’s indoors so you don’t have to worry about the rain or temperature, you can sit and heal your fatigue while watching a heartwarming show that could be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Also, the most important of all, the menus are very reasonable!

A board of Cape Cod in Tokyo Disney Sea

About the Restaurant “Cape Cod Cook-Off”

Duffy’s show “My Friend Duffy” can be watched in the restaurant “Cape Cod Cook-off” while you dine. First, I’d like to show you the location, menu, etc.

Cape Cod Cook-Off of Tokyo Disney Sea

Shortcut to Cape Cod

Cape Cod Cook-Off is in Cape Cod, located between American Waterfront and Port Discovery. If you are in Meditterenian Harbor facing the Prometheus Volcano, go to the left-hand side. Then you will see a bridge on your right-hand side. Go over this bridge, and you will find stairs going down on your left-hand side. Take the stairs and go under the steel bridge and then follow the path, and you will reach Cape Cod. This route is a shortcut compared to the most obvious way that goes through American Waterfront.

Location of Cape Cod Cook-Off
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Cape Cod is a fishing village, so the lighthouse and anchored ships can be seen in this area. Cape Cod was designed based on the real town, “Cape Cod” and “Nantaket” in Massachusetts.

Anchored ships in Cape Cod of Tokyo Disney Sea

The restaurant “Cape Cod Cook-Off”

When you reach “Cape Cod Cook-Off”, you may be confused because there are two dining areas. The area on the left-hand side is only for dining, and you cannot watch the shows. The right-hand side is the area where you can watch the show “My Friend Duffy” while you dine. There will be a long line on crowded days, and it can take more than an hour to get a seat at lunchtime. To avoid this, try to come early(around 10 AM) or late (around 2 PM) and avoid the most crowded hours. The waiting time will be shown on the Tokyo Disney Resort Official App.

Inside Cape Cod Cook-Off of Tokyo Disney Sea


The photo below is the menu board of Cape Cod Cook-Off, and you can find it in front of the building. Also, Cast Members carry an English copy of the menu with pictures of the food items. So, you only have to take it to the cash register and point to the picture. I usually order the codfish burger set because I’m in a fishing village!

Menu of Cape Cod Cook-Off
  • Set
    • Cape Cod Cookoff’s First Prize Set (set $10 /single item $6)
    • Cheeseburger set (set $9 / single item $6)
    • Fried chicken burger set (set $9 / single item $6)
    • Cheese & Fried codfish burger set (set $9 / single item $6)
    • French fries & chicken nuggets set (set $7 / single item $5)
  • Side Menu
    • cup salad ($3)
  • Snack
    • Colorful chocolates with a case ($9)
  • Dessert
    • White Chocolate & Strawberry Mousse with Souvenir Cup ($9)
    • Blueberry & Vanilla Mousse Cake with Souvenir Cup ($9)
    • Vanilla & Peach Mousse with Souvenir Cup ($9)
    • Waffles with Souvenir Cups ($9)
  • Drink
    • Coca-Cola ($3)
    • Coca-Cola Zero ($3)
    • Fanta Golden Cider ($3)
    • Fanta Lemon ($3)
    • Iced oolong tea ($3)
    • Iced tea ($3)
    • Orange drink ($3)
    • Iced coffee ($3)
    • Coffee ($3)
    • Tea ($3)
    • Oolong tea ($3)
    • Milk (paper carton) ($2)
  • Special Dietary Menu
    • Special Dietary Menus ($7)

Souvenir sets aren’t listed on menu board, but they are also available.

Souvenir Lunch Case of Cape Cod Cook-Off in Tokyo DIsney Sea

If you order Cape Cod Cookoff’s First Prize Set, you can buy Souvenir Lunch Case by paying an additional $10.
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Also, you can check for other souvenir sets in front of the cash register. These sweets menu comes with souvenir plates and mug cups.

Souvenior Sets of Cape Cod Cook-Off in Tokyo Disney Sea
  • Top shelf
    • Colorful chocolates with a mini snack case /$9 each
  • Second row from the top
    • Waffle and souvenir plate /$8
    • Vanilla & Peach Mousse with Souvenir Cup /$8
  • Third row from the top
    • White chocolate & Strawberry Mousse with Souvenir Cup /$8
    • Blueberry & Vanilla Mousse Cake with Souvenir Plate /$8
  • Bottom row
    • Souvenir Tumbler /Add $15 to the menu
    • Souvenir Spoon /Add $5 to the menu

The contents of the souvenir sets change at seasonal events.

Sweets menu is also available as single items. I’ve ordered the Waffle and White chocolate & Strawberry Mousse without souvenirs and they were $4 each.

Do’s and don’ts when watching the show

There are few requirments when you watch the show.

Order at least one set menus for each person

From June 6, 2019, to watch this show, a set menu must be ordered for each guest(excluding guests ages 3 and under).

For young children, “French Fried & Chicken Nuggets” may be a good choice. The Mickey-shaped nuggets were so cute, and my 4-year-old daughter loved it!

French fries & chicken nuggets set of Cape Cod Cook-Off
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Don’t enter without your companions

If you aren’t with your whole group members, you have to wait until they come, before you enter the dining area. Once you enter the dining area, it’s OK to go out if anyone in your group is sitting at your table. However, you can’t leave your seat during the show performance.

Show area of Cape Cod Cook-Off in Tokyo Disney Sea

Changing seats

When you enter the dining area, cast members will guide you to an empty table, so you can’t choose where you watch the shows. When I was guided to a table on the back row where I couldn’t see the show very well, I asked a cast member if I can change seats. She told us that we are allowed to move to an empty table in the 5minute break between the shows. If you’re not sure if there is an empty seat in the front, ask a cast member, and they will guide you.

Time limit

Guests can stay at the table and watch the shows only for 45 minutes after entering the dining area. When you are guided to your table by a cast member, they will give you a card telling you when you should leave. For most people, 45 minutes is enough to eat their meals and enjoy the show. However, You don’t have to be too uptight about the time. If you haven’t eaten up what you have ordered, they won’t ask you to leave strictly at 45 minutes. Also, you are encouraged to leave your table at the 5minute breaks. You don’t have to leave during the performance.

A card of Limiting time of Cape Cod Cook-Off

Another hack is that there is a long break time from 2:30 to 3:00 PM, and no shows are performed at this hour. The 45 minutes limit does not include this break time, so if you enter at this time, you will have plenty of time to eat and enjoy the show.

Stay seated and don’t touch characters

Characters don’t get off the stage in Cape Cod Cook-Off like other show restaurants. So guests can’t get interaction with characters. If you want to take a photo with Duffy or other characters, you need to go to the greeting facility.

“My Friend Duffy” performed only in Tokyo Disney Sea

As a show lover, I highly recommend watching this show. “My Friend Duffy” may be the best show in Tokyo Disney Sea!

Today's event in Cape Cod Cook-Off of Tokyo Disney Sea

In Cape Cod Cook-Off, 2 stories are played, both of them about 10 minutes. After the 1st show, there is break time for 5 minutes. As you have 45 minutes, you can watch the show for a maximum of 3 times, depending on the time you arrived.

The most challenging thing you may find when watching the show is that, well, it’s played in Japanese. If you don’t speak Japanese, read the translation below beforehand, so that you will have an idea of what the show is about.

How Duffy’s friend ShellieMay came to be

This story is about how ShellieMay was born.

Minnie Mouse at Cape Cod Cook-Off

Mickey and Duffy will be back soon to Cape Cod after their voyage, and Minnie Mouse is cleaning the room singing happily.
Minnie: I can’t wait to see Mickey and Duffy and listen to their adventure stories!

Duffy at Cape Cod Cook-Off

Mickey and Duffy came back to Cape Cod, and Minnie welcomed them. They seemed happy at first. But Duffy felt lonely when he saw how Mickey and Minnie are close with each other.

Duffy in "My Friend Duffy"

Duffy: I hope I have a best friend too. Maybe, if I write my wish to a letter, put it into a small bottle, and release it to the ocean, my wish may come true!

Donald Duck of "My Friend Duffy"

Duffy’s letter was found in the open sea. Mickey and Minnie read the letter and they were shocked that they did not realize Duffy’s feelings.

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

Minnie Mouse has come out with an idea.
Minnie: I have a plan for Duffy…
Mickey: That’s a great idea!

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

Minnie: We made a present for you because we want to see your smile!

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

ShellieMay appears in front of Duffy.
Everyone: Ta-da! Surprise!

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

Duffy: Who are you?
ShellieMay: Who am I…? Who are you?
Duffy: I’m Duffy. Nice to meet you.
ShellieMay: Nice to meet you too.

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

Duffy notice ShellieMay’s pendant.
Micky: Yes, it is your pendant. Don’t you think it looks good on your new friend?
Duffy: My friend?
ShellieMay: Am I a friend? A seashell pendant?
Minnie: Yes, a heart-shaped shell. And your name is ShellieMay!

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

They all sing for their new friend and the show ends.

How their new friend, Gelatoni, came to Cape Cod

Mickey and his friends have finished their voyage and are heading back to Cape Cod, on their ship “Mr. Friendship”. Geratoni, the artist cat, will meet Minnie Mouse and ShellieMay first time.

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

They are about to arrive at Cape Cod.
Micky: Who do you want to meet first, when we are back at Cape Cod?
Mickey: Minnie Mouse!
Duffy: ShellieMay!
TippyBlue: Fish!
The blurbs of TippyBule make us laugh.

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

Gelatoni comes out. He is a talented artist who can draw pictures with his tail. He drew pictures for Mickey Mouse and Duffy.

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

Gelatoni: This is the best memory of Duffy and me.
Mickey: When Duffy dropped his gelato, your drawing made Duffy cheer up. You are a great artist. Thank you for the nice gifts.

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

Mr. Friendship arrived at Cape Cod.
Minnie and ShellieMay: We couldn’t wait, so we came here for you. Welcome back!

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

Duffy: We want to introduce our new friend.
Gelatoni: Chao! My name is Gelatoni.
Minnie and ShellieMay: Gelatoni? Nice to meet you.

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

Gelatoni: Minnie and ShellieMay, look at this!
Minnie: This is so Lovely! Did you draw this?
Gelatoni: Yes, I drew this from a photo Duffy showed me. With this picture, we won’t feel lonely during our voyage.
Mickey: How great!
Minnie: ShellieMay, we have met another wonderful friend!

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea

Mickey: Gelatoni, you will like Cape Cod.

"My Friend Duffy" of Tokyo Disney Sea



That’s it about the show “My Friend Duffy” and the restaurant “Cape Cod Cook-Off”. Duffy is a character born in Tokyo Disney Sea, and he is so popular, he has his own website and a Twitter account. If you’re coming to Tokyo Disney Sea, you should consider eating lunch at “Cape Cod Cook-Off”. The food is delicious and reasonable, and the show is brilliant! If you want to avoid the crowds, you have to come at around 10 AM or 2 PM. Also, if your heading to CapeCod from Meditterenian harbor (the entrance), try the shortcut I shared above.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment!

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