6 Hidden Mickeys in Tokyo Disney Sea!

It is known among many enthusiastic Disneyland fans that there are many Mickey Mouse-like shapes and designs hidden in the parks. They are called “Hidden Mickey” and are carefully buried in the park’s atmosphere by the Imagineers. In this article, I will introduce 6 “Hidden Mickeys” you can find in Tokyo Disney Sea.

3 Hidden Mickeys from Mermaid Lagoon

Mermaid Lagoon is one the place where you can find hidden Mickeys the most in Tokyo Disney Sea. Here are 3 examples on the beautifully tiled walls and benches at Mermaid Lagoon. Some of these pictures contain 2 hidden Mickey, so keep your eyes sharp!

2 Hidden Mickey on tiled wall
Hidden Mickey on the bench at mermaid lagoon
Hidden Mickey at entrance of Mermaid Lagoon

The tunnel leading to Mysterious Island

This picture is the entrance of the tunnel connecting Mermaid Lagoon and Mysterious Island. Can you find a hidden Mickey on the wall?

Hidden mickey at entrance of tunnel to mysterious island

Entrance of Nemo’s Sea Rider

This is the entrance to Nemo’s Sea Rider. Can you find a hidden mickey inside the school of fish?

Hidden mickey on entrance of nemo's sea rider

Entrance to Mediterranean Harbour

This is a difficult one. When walking from the Disney Sea entrance to Mediterranean Harbour, take a lookup. Can you find Hidden Mickey inside the beautiful streetscape?

Hidden Mickey on the signboard of galleria disney at mediterranean harbour

Could you find all Hidden Mickey?

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. These are only fragments of the hidden Mickey in the Tokyo Disney Sea, so if you are interested, you should look for one yourself, when you go to the parks. I also posted 8 Hidden Mickeys in Toon Town so check it out for more quizzes like this.

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