Rehearsal Scene of Tokyo DisneySea’s New Night Show

During a recent stay at the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, I observed a rehearsal of the new night show.

I want to share information about the new night show “Believe! Sea of Dreams.”

Tokyo DisneySea’s “Believe! Sea of Dreams”

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By March 2023, Tokyo DisneySea will have a new night show, “Believe! Sea of Dreams” which is expected to be performed.

Tokyo DisneySea “Believe! Sea of Dreams”
  • Date: Scheduled to begin by the end of March 2023
  • Contents: Projection mapping, Harbor Show

Initially, “Believe! Sea of Dreams” was scheduled to be performed in 2021.

However, in August 2021, the show was postponed to 2022.

Since the reopening in July 2020, the Tokyo parks have not performed any night shows to avoid crowding the guests.

The “Believe! Sea of Dreams” will include projection mapping using the walls of Hotel MiraCosta and a harbor show.

When I stayed at the MiraCosta this past February, I got to see a little rehearsal of the Harbor Show!

Rehearsal scene of Tokyo DisneySea’s Night Show

At Tokyo DisneySea, the new night show “Believe! Sea of Dreams” is steadily being prepared.

From my Harbor View Room at MiraCosta, I could see the barges coming and going late at night.

I was looking out over Mediterranean Harbor after the park closed, and I saw barge after barge.

There was also a barge that looked like a pirate ship.

Although it is not yet complete, it will be quite a magnificent ship.

There was no music, but just watching the barges come and go was very exciting.

Also, the new night show will have projection mapping, so Piazza Topolino facing Mediterranean Harbor will be the best position to see the show!


I introduced the rehearsal scene of Tokyo DisneySea’s new night show “Believe! Sea of Dreams”.

When I saw the rehearsal scene, I was excited and wondered when the show was going to be.

There has been no word from Disney since the announcement of the postponement.

I guess they intend to wait until the last minute to assess the situation.

I will share any new news with you.

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