Lottery seating system in Tokyo Disney Resort shows

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea have a lottery system for some of their shows. This article gives information about the shows with the lottery seating system, how to draw the lottery, and where to draw the lottery. Also see here to see the precautions for watching the entertainment.

Shows with lottery seating system

Some shows at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea offer seats for guests only who won the int the lottery seating system. You can draw the lottery if you go to the lottery location with your ticket. You can’t choose your seat, but you don’t have to wait in line until just before the show.

Tokyo Disneyland

  • Let’s Party Gras!
  • Mickey’s Magical Music World

Tokyo Disney Sea

  • Tip-Top Easter
  • Big Band Beat
  • Song of Mirage

How to draw the lottery

If you arrive at the lottery, let’s draw! The lottery is very easy.

  • Put out a ticket for each person in your party
  • Select the show and performance time that appears on the screen
  • Scan the QR code of all the tickets (If you wish to sit together).
  • If you win, you will receive a paper ticket with your seat location

Place of lottery

There are lottery locations in Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. The lottery is held from Parks opening until 45 minutes before each performance starts. After checking the showtime, let’s make a lottery according to your plan.

Tokyo Disneyland

The lottery is located at Tomorrowland Hall.

Source; Official Site

Tokyo Disney Sea

The lottery is located at Biglietteria.

Source; Official Site

The Tokyo Disney Resort App

Alternatively you can draw the lottery using the Tokyo Disney Resort app. Unfortunately the app is only available in Japanese and I will not go into details here. I may write an article about the app if there is a request.


I wrote about the lottery for the Parks. I have watched the show from my winning seat when I won the lottery. The Park’s shows are great to see from anywhere, but it was still comfortable to sit and watch them. And since it’s not first-come, first-served, you don’t have to wait all day until the show starts. If you’re coming to the Parks, I recommend you take a try.

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