Jamboree Mickey, a popular dance show at Tokyo Disney Resort

The Jamboree Mickey! Let’s Dance is currently a popular show at Tokyo Disneyland and Sea.

In the beginning, the show was not so well-known, but it has gradually gained popularity as more and more people imitate it on social networking sites such as TikTok.

Although the show is for kids, the simple choreography makes it fun for adults to dance as well.

What is Jamboree Mickey?

Jamboree Mickey is a dance program for kids performed at Tokyo Disneyland and Sea.

It is held four to five times a day.

Since the show is for kids, it is characterized by its groovy music and easy-to-imitate dance moves.

Watch the video in advance and memorize the choreography for better enjoyment.

You can also download Jamboree Micky’s music from Amazon Music.

Jamboree Mickey’s show venue

Jamboree Mickey can be seen at both Tokyo Disneyland and Sea.

The venues for each park are as follows.

Jamboree Mickey! show venues
  • Tokyo Disneyland: Theater Orleans (Adventureland)
  • Tokyo DisneySea: Dockside Stage (American Waterfront)

Characters appearing in Jamboree Mickey

Jamboree Mickey! will be performed with the same content at Tokyo Disneyland and Sea, but with different characters at each park.

Characters appearing in Jamboree Mickey
  • Tokyo Disneyland Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck
  • Tokyo DisneySea Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip & Dale

How to Entry Request for Jamboree Mickey

To see Jumboree Mickey! from a reserved seat in the venue, you need to entry request using the official app.

Entry Request means a “lottery.”

There is no difficult operation, and it takes less than 5 minutes.

You can check the detailed instructions at the following link.

Notes on Entry Requests
  • One entry request per person per day per show.
  • Lottery hours are fixed for each show.
  • You cannot choose your seat in the entry request, it will be decided automatically.
  • If you fail the lottery, you will not be able to see the show from your reserved seat in the venue

Jamboree Mickey’s unreserved seating

Jamboree Mickey! will have free seating for the first show, depending on the time of year.

If there are unreserved seats, there is no need to draw lots, and you can see the show from a viewing seat if you get in line.

However, you must go straight after entering the park and be prepared to wait for a long time.

In the case of Tokyo DisneySea, the stage is visible from the outside, so it is possible to stand outside the venue and watch the show.


This page shared Jamboree Mickey!, a very popular show at Tokyo Disneyland and Sea.

It started out as a dance program for kids, but now adults are going all out!

I recommend Big Band Beat at Tokyo DisneySea, as the entire show is performed in English.

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