Halloween 2023, Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea?

Spooky Boo! Parade at Tokyo Disneyland in 2021

The Halloween event at Tokyo Disney Resort for 2023 has been announced in detail.

I am looking forward to all the daytime parades and limited-time attractions, as well as the merchandise and food.

It’s hard to decide whether to go to Tokyo Disneyland or the Sea!

Let’s take a closer look.

When does the 2023 Tokyo Disney Resort Halloween event start?

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The 2023 Halloween events at Tokyo Disney Resort will run from September 15 through October 31.

Are you wondering which days during the event will be particularly crowded?

The days we expect to be especially crowded for Disney Halloween are as follows.

  • Sneak Preview: September 14
  • The first day of the event: September 15
  • National holidays: Sept. 16-18, Oct. 7-9
  • Days of merchandise release: September 14, September 21, October 19
  • Halloween Day: October 31

Except for the above dates, it will not be so terribly crowded, but weekdays are better.

Halloween Parade at Tokyo Disneyland

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Tokyo Disneyland will hold the “Spooky Boo! Parade” during the Halloween event.

For the first time in about four years, the parade float will stop in the middle of the parade, and guests will be able to dance with Mickey Mouse and his friends and become ghosts.

The parade course is the pink line on the map below.

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At the yellow line, the float will stop.

In front of the castle, which will be the first stop, you will be able to see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse changing quickly.

The Spooky Boo Parade has a fee-based viewing area.

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The light blue locations on the map are those that are eligible for the paid Disney Premier Access (DPA).

Specific viewing positions will be displayed on the screen after the DPA is purchased.

The pink locations on the map are the viewing areas for the Vacation Package.

Since this is a limited-time event, many guests may want to purchase a DPA to see the parade.

Halloween Harbor Greetings at Tokyo DisneySea

Halloween Harbor Greetings at Tokyo DisneySea in 2022

Halloween Harbor Greetings can be seen at Tokyo DisneySea.

Mickey Mouse and his Disney friends will appear in pumpkin and candy-inspired costumes.

It is a little sad that there is only one barge at the Halloween Harbor Greetings at Tokyo DisneySea.

I feel that many people would rather go to Tokyo Disneyland, as there is no production that guests can participate in, like at Tokyo Disneyland.

Halloween Fair in New York at Tokyo DisneySea

At Tokyo DisneySea’s American Waterfront, they have planned a “Halloween Fair in New York” in which the atmosphere changes from day to night.

For example, if you say “Trick or Treat” to a Cast Member during the daytime, you will get candy.

Halloween Special Menu

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Special menus will be available at Tokyo Disneyland and Sea during the Halloween event.

With a wide variety of pumpkin-based sweets, it is hard to decide which one to try.

Personally, I can’t miss the maple pumpkin-flavored churros.

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Jack-o-lantern popcorn buckets will also be available.

It looks like you can use it as a container for sweets other than popcorn when you take it home.

There is also a Halloween-limited menu with souvenirs.

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Souvenirs can be purchased by paying extra for the food.

Each restaurant offers a different selection of souvenirs, so it is best to check in advance.

Haunted Mansion on Halloween

The Haunted Mansion in Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland will change its show from September 14, 2023, to January 8, 2024.

Specifically, a special program, “Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare,” based on the movie “Tim Burton’s Nightmare for Christmas,” will be presented.

After the Halloween period, the Haunted Mansion will remain in a special version through the Christmas period until January next year.

The Haunted Mansion is eligible for Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass.

Guests can dress up as Disney characters during Halloween events

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Tinkerbell Room, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort

During the 2023 Halloween Event at Tokyo Disney Resort, adult guests can dress up as Disney characters.

There seem to be some precautions regarding costumes.

*Costumes can be worn starting with a sneak preview on September 14.

This year, for a fee, a space will be available outside the park for people to change into costumes.

Each space will cost 500-600 yen for 30 minutes.

Although only the Japanese page is available, advance reservations are required for the changing space.

There seems to be a demand for guests who went out of their way to stay at a nearby hotel in order to wear a full-fledged costume!

Many guests will want to ride attractions featuring costumed characters.

Last year, many guests dressed up as Belle, so Beauty and the Beast may become even more popular.

Halloween Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort in 2023

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Halloween-inspired headbands and plush toys with clips are likely to be popular.

In the past, merchandise used to run out before the event was over, but based on recent trends, we don’t expect them to sell out anytime soon.


I have introduced the Halloween events at Tokyo Disneyland and Sea for 2023.

Since this is the first or second most popular event of the year, I am sure it will be very crowded, but I still want to go.

Many Disney fans are especially looking forward to the Spooky Boo Parade at Tokyo Disneyland, as the dancers will be back for the first time in several years.

After Halloween, Christmas is next!

I will share more information about Christmas events in my article as they are unveiled.

Thanks again for reading today.

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