Tokyo Disney Resort Mobile Ordering: What You Need to Know Before You Go


I used Disney Mobile Order, which I introduced in a previous article.

It’s a Small World. fun

Is Disney Mobile Order really convenient or inconvenient?

This article reviews the advantages and disadvantages of this service.

Benefits of Disney Mobile Ordering

Tokyo Disney Resort App, Official App

First, let’s look at the benefits of using Disney Mobile Order.

I think there were two advantages.

#1 Menus are easy to understand

Disney Mobile Order allows you to view the menu on the app.

Until now, there have been two ways to find restaurant menus: either look at the official website or check in person at the restaurant.

The menu on the official website is in Japanese only.

If we wanted to see the menu directly at the restaurant, we had to look at the electric sign from a distance or at the food samples at the entrance.

On the other hand, with Disney Mobile Order, there is a picture under the name of the dish on the order screen, which instantly shows what kind of dish it is.

If you are with a family or group, you can discuss and decide what to order based on the pictures at hand.

We felt that the easy-to-read menu on the app saved us time in discussing what to eat.

#2 No need to assign roles

The speed at which we could find an available seat in a nonreservation, self-service restaurant increased.

Previously, my husband and daughter had to find a place for us to eat while I stood in line at the register and ordered our meal.

However, now that we can order food via mobile ordering, my role has been eliminated and the whole family can head to the restaurant together to get a place to eat.

When I was alone in the checkout line, I had no one to talk to, but now I can be with my family while I wait to receive my food.

Until now, someone had to make the sacrifice, but thanks to mobile ordering, that is no longer the case.

Disadvantages of Disney Mobile Ordering

The Disney Mobile Order is not without its disadvantages.

The restaurant we used for our mobile order was Plazma Ray’s Diner, which has a large capacity, but when we went to the restaurant there were no seats available at all.

Fortunately, a nearby table quickly became available, but in some cases, you could be faced with a situation where the food is ready but there is no place to eat it.

Keep in mind that mobile ordering doesn’t cover the seating availability!


This article was a review of the restaurant mobile ordering system installed at Tokyo Disney Resort.

It is not without its disadvantages, but I feel that convenience won out by far.

The number of restaurants that are eligible for this service is still two in each park, but they plan to gradually expand the number of restaurants in the future.

Plazma Ray’s Diner, where Disney Mobile Order is available, is recommended as a spot to watch the Electrical Parade.

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