Strange but delicious churros at Tokyo Disney Resort

Getting on the attractions is not the only way to enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort. I also love eating in the park and one of my favorites is churros. I love churros so much that I get jealous when people walking around me has one and I don’t! In this article, I would like to introduce churros, the various flavors you can find in the parks, and also information about the new coming flavors!

The various flavors of churros in Tokyo Disney Resort

orenge churros(Nemo & Friends)
Orange churros(Nemo & Friends)

The first time churros appeared at Tokyo Disneyland was in 1989. The churros currently available are the following flavors.

  • cinnamon
  • strawberry
  • orange(featuring Nemo & Friends)
  • pineapple(featuring Soaring: Fantastic Flight)

Note; The park is closed due to COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

There are also limited edition flavor’s and flavors no longer available.

  • chocolate(Only in Christmas season)
  • kinako(Only in New Year’s season. Kinako is a traditional Japanese sweet)
  • melon soda sugar(Finished)
  • cotton candy(Finished)

What do you think? Cinnamon flavor is normal, but the cotton candy flavor is quite unusual, isn’t it? The “Kinako” flavor is unique in Japan.

Delicious churros at Tokyo Disney Resort

cotton candy churros
Cotton candy churros

The churros at the Tokyo Disney Resort are pretty tasty. In my opinion, it’s the best sweets you can eat in the Park. Park’s churros are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Mickey-shaped churros

Not only are churros delicious, but did you know Mickey Mouse is hiding in them? The cross-section of the churros is a Mickey shape.

Freaky? Colorful? Churros at the Tokyo Disney Resort

meron soda sugar churros
Melon soda sugar churros

The churros at Tokyo Disney Resort sometimes have a strange color. My husband especially likes churros like that. It has a strange color for a food, but the taste is delicious.

The upcoming churros at Tokyo Disney Resort

Apple caramel flavor churros

Here is the new flavor churro that will be released at Tokyo Disney Resort. It can be eaten at LeFou’s snack shop in New Fantasyland, which will soon have its grand opening, and the flavor is apple-caramel. The combination of apple and caramel is genius! When the Park reopens, I will definitely go to eat there.

The official Disney churros recipe

The churros recipe was published on the Disney Parks Blog. I want to make it, but I don’t have the courage to make fried food at home. I miss Park’s churros.


I introduced the churros at Tokyo Disney Resort. It’s really good! Be sure to eat it when you visit the Park.

If you are reading this article, you may be interested in eating sweets in Tokyo Disneyland. Great news for you! Tokyo Disneyland is starting many sweets menu this year. “Big Pop” a new popcorn shop that sells chocolate covered popcorns is opening in Tokyo Disneyland. New (and very sweet!) pancake menus have arrived to the “Polynesian Terrace Restaurant” in Adventureland. Also a sweets buffet where you can eat all sorts of sweets that are sold in the parks, has started in Crystal Palace Restaurant!

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