How to Win Prizes at the Westernland Shooting Gallery in Tokyo Disneyland

Today, I would like to introduce a facility in Tokyo Disneyland’s Westernland that is well known by those in the know.

It is a very enjoyable place and once you experience it, you will be addicted to it.

What is the Western Land Shooting Gallery?

Westernland Shooting Gallery is a facility where you can enjoy target shooting at Tokyo Disneyland.

You can shoot 10 rounds for 200 yen each.

Payment is in coins, but there is a currency exchange machine(Japanese banknote and coin changers) in the facility.

Currently, there is no limit to the number of times you can shoot, so you can shoot as many times as you like.

Western Land Shooting Gallery Location

Tokyo Disney Resort

Westernland Shooting Gallery is located in Westernland at Tokyo Disneyland.

The closest attraction is Big Thunder Mountain.

Hungry Bear Restaurant and Western Wear(Souvenir Shop) are also nearby.

Western Land Shooting Gallery Prizes

When you shoot at the Westernland Shooting Gallery, you will receive a scorecard at the end.

There are two types of prizes you can get depending on your score.

Western Land Shooting Gallery Prizes
  • Lucky: Gold Sheriff’s Badge
  • All 10 shots hit: Silver Sheriff’s Badge

This badge is designed as a clip, not a pin, so there is no need to worry about small children handling it.

Western Land Shooting Gallery Strategy

Let me tell you how to attack the Western Land Shooting Gallery.

First, let’s start with how to hold the gun.

Do not underestimate that this is a theme park.

The barrel of the gun is as heavy as the real thing, so hold it on your shoulder or fix it on the pedestal.

When you hold the gun and hold it ready, you will see two protrusions as shown in the figure.

These are the rifle’s rear sight and front sight.

You can aim at the target by aligning the sights in a straight line as shown in the figure below.

I have been awarded both gold and silver badges, and the silver one is easier.

The silver badge requires 10 hits, so make sure you hit the target with your first shot.

After the first shot hits the target, you fire repeatedly without moving your posture from the second shot onward.

Gold badges are very hard to get.

I got “lucky” once, but that time I aimed at a moving rat and hit the target.

The “lucky” target is said to change with time, so I don’t think it’s always a rat.

If you want to aim for gold, I think there is a way to hit a different target for each shot, prepared to try several times.

Also, sometimes you can tell from the other guests what the “lucky” target will be at that time of the day.

Western Land Shooting Gallery Hours

Westernland Shooting Gallery hours are the same as the park opening hours.

So it operates until before the park closes.

Please check the link below for the latest park hours.

[Official]Park Operation Calendar|Tokyo Disneyland
Find information about 「Park Operation Calendar」 at Tokyo Disneyland.


I introduced the Westernland Shooting Gallery at Tokyo Disneyland.

It is a fun attraction and once you experience it, you will become addicted to it.

It costs 200 yen per play (as of the date of posting), so it is worth experiencing if you have the time.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment!

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