Japanese Version of the Broadway Musical “Frozen”

I saw the Broadway musical “Frozen” by Japan’s Shiki Theater Company and was very impressed, so I’m sharing my review.

Note; This article has nothing to do with Tokyo Disney Resort.

What I want to say in this article
  • Frozen” by the Shiki Theatre Company is fantastic!
  • The new songs written for the musical are great!

This article will talk about the Broadway musical Frozen, which I saw at the Shiki Theatre Company.

“Frozen” by Shiki Theatre Company

The Broadway musical “Frozen” opened on June 24, 2021, by the Shiki Theatre Company in Japan.

The Shiki Theater Company has been performing musicals of Disney movies for a long time.

Disney productions by Shiki Theatre Company
  • Aladdin
  • The Bells of Notre Dame
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Lion King
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Frozen (opening June 24, 2021)

The Shiki Theatre Company and Disney Theatrical Productions have been partnering for 25 years.

In Japan, only the Shiki Theater Company, which has a longstanding relationship with Disney, can bring the musical “Frozen” to life.

Highlights of the Musical “Frozen”

The highlights of the Shiki Theatre Company’s musical Frozen are as follows.

Highlights of the Musical “Frozen”
  • Screenplay: Jennifer Lee, same as the movie
  • Music composition: Mr. and Mrs. Lopez, same as the movie (including 12 new songs)

Jennifer Lee and Mr. and Mrs. Lopez won an Academy Award for their work in the movie Frozen.

The three of them have made a musical with the same worldview as the movie, so the work is undoubtedly excellent.

The worth of the Shiki Theatre Company’s musical Frozen

Here are some of the things I found worthwhile about watching Frozen.

Shiki Theater Company “Frozen”
  1. The actress who plays Elsa singing “Let It Go” is fantastic.
  2. The world of ice and magic is coming to life on stage.

I am writing this assuming that you are familiar with the movie Frozen.

The theme song “Let It Go” was a big hit in the movie “Frozen. It is safe to say that the performance of this song determines the quality of the musical.

The actress who played Elsa in the Shiki Theater Company sang “Let It Go” beautifully. I got goosebumps from her singing.

The other actors of the Shiki Theatre Company sang wonderfully. At the end of the musical, the audience applauded and gave a standing ovation.

If you see a musical in the future, I highly recommend reviewing Frozen’s movie before you go. You’ll enjoy the play a lot more when you know the differences between it and the movie.

Music from the Broadway Musical “Frozen”

Just like the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Lopez composed the music for the Broadway musical.

Since musicals have more songs than movies, some of the songs were new to me.

There are 12 new songs for the musical.

Among them, the song “Monster” sung by Elsa left a deep impression on me. Elsa sings this song in a scene where she struggles with whether she is a monster or not.

When you listen to this song, you can see the inside of Elsa’s mind, which you could only imagine when you saw the movie.

You can listen to the soundtrack of the Broadway musical “Frozen.”

I like the musical better than the movie soundtrack, so I’m listening to it every day.


This article was about my impressions of the Shiki Theater Company’s “Frozen.”

It has nothing to do with Tokyo Disney Resort, but I wanted to share it with you because I love Disney shows.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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