Belle’s Village is coming to Tokyo Disneyland!

Disney’s theme parks are designed to give you the experience of a Disney movie. However, there is one movie that we have not been able to experience at Tokyo Disneyland before, Beauty and the Beast.

A new Beauty and the Beast area will open at Tokyo Disneyland. The area includes an attraction and shops and restaurants. In this article, I would like to introduce shops and restaurants. See the article below for information about the attractions.

Belle’s Village at Tokyo Disneyland

A statue of Gaston
Source; Official Site

A statue of Gaston and a fountain are in the middle of the village. It would be fun to take a photo in the same pose as Gaston.

Overview of the Village Shop

There are three shops, inspired by the village shop of Beauty and the Beast.

  1. La Belle Replery
  2. Little Town Trader
  3. Bonjour Gift

About 100 new goods are being sold at these shops, and although I can’t introduce 100, here’s what I think is cute.

Hairband and Melody Light Rose
Left: Hairband, 2,100 yen
Right: Melody Light Rose, 2300 yen
Source; Official Site

The one on the right is a toy that lights up and plays music. Kids love things like this(Including my daughter).

Overview of La Taverne de Gaston

Image of the La Taverne de Gaston
Source; Official Blog Site

The name of the restaurant means Gaston’s Tavern in French. This restaurant is modeled after Gaston’s tavern in the movie Beauty and the Beast. The shop is decorated with portraits of Gaston and sculptures of animals, showing off Gaston’s strength. It seats 200 and is a counter service restaurant. Here are some of the menus.

Big Bite Croissant

Big Bite Croissant
Big Bite Croissant 750 yen (set 1,140 yen)
Source; Official Site

It is the signature menu of the tavern The croissant has a bone-in sausage in it.

Hunter’s Pie

Hunter's Pie
Hunter’s Pie 750 yen (set 1,140 yen)
Source; Official Site

A stick-shaped pie with beef stew and mashed potatoes inside.

French toast sandwiches

French toast sandwiches
French toast sandwiches 750 yen (set 1,140 yen)
Source; Official Site

This is a French toast sandwich. There is chicken, béchamel sauce, and cheese inside. The sweet and sour taste must be delicious.

Sweet Gaston

Sweet Gaston
Sweet Gaston 450 yen
Source; Official Site

Strawberry jelly and mango mousse. It comes with a cookie with Gaston on it.


Berrychers 450 yen
Source; Official Site

Actually, it’s not a beer. It’s a soda juice with whipped cream on it!

You might have thought “No raw eggs!”. In the movie, Gaston swallowed 4 raw eggs, but there are no raw eggs in this restaurant!

LeFou’s snack shop

Next to Gaston’s Tavern, LeFou’s snack shop is opening. Apple caramel flavor churros are available for the first time.

Apple caramel flavor churros
Source; Official Site

Apple caramel flavor churros sounds so delicious. Also you can’t miss the picture of LeFou on the churros wrapper.


I’ve introduced you to Belle’s Village at Tokyo Disneyland. I’ll be writing new information when the Park reopens.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment!

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