Overview of Tokyo Disney Resort

This article introduces Tokyo Disney Resort(TDR) for guests who are coming to this place for the first time. TDR is located near Tokyo and has 2 theme parks, more than a dozen of hotels and shopping centers within its huge area in Maihama bayside. In this article, I will introduce the 5 major facilities in Tokyo Disney Resort.

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Tokyo Disneyland

Once upon a time
Tha castle projection show at the Cindellera castle

Tokyo Disneyland(TDL) was opened in 1983, as the first Disney theme park to be built outside the U.S. The Cinderella castle located in the center of the park is the symbol of TDL, just like the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort(Florida). TDL has 7 theme areas which are, World bazaar, Western land, Adventure land, Critter country, Fantasy land, Toon Town, and Tomorrowland. Also a new area called New fantasy land will have its grand opening in May 2020 (See here for more details). Popular attractions are, “Monster’s Inc. Ride and go seek”, “Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster” and “It’s a small world”. Any of the above can be enjoyed with little kids. If your kids are big or you are traveling just with adults, “Space Mountain”, “Splash Mountain” and “Haunted mansion” should give the thrills they need. Also, don’t forget to watch “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical parade”, a magnificent parade starring Mickey mouse and many other Disney film characters.

Tokyo Disney Sea

Prometeus volcano
The Prometeus volcano, the Fortress and the Pirate ship

Tokyo Disney Sea(TDS) was opened in 2001 as the second Disney theme park in Japan. The concept of the park is ” The sea of adventure and imagination”. Beautiful view spreads across the park surrounding Prometheus volcano, the symbol of the park. TDS also has 7 theme areas which are, Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, Port Discovery, Lost river delta, Arabian Coast, Mermaid Lagoon, and Mysterious Island. Also a new area called Fantasy springs is planned to open in 2023. Unlike TDL, TDS serves alcohol drinks in restaurants and Cafes, which is one of the reasons this park is favored more by adults than children. Another reason may be because TDS has awsome attractions for adults like “Center of the Earth” and “Tower terror”. However, the most popular attraction is “Soaring fantastic flight”, which opened in summer 2019. Waiting hours go up to 3 hours even on weekdays, so get a “Fastpass” if you want to ride on it. Also the water show performed on the ocean of the Mediterranean harbor is spectacular. Sadly “Fantasmic” a regular night water show ended in March 2020, but seasonal shows are performed almost all times of the year.


Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

In Tokyo Disney Resort there are Disney hotels, owned by TDR itself, and Disney official hotels that are run by some of the most famous hotel companies in the world. There are 4 Disney hotels, of which 3 are within the TDR area. The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is located in front of Tokyo Disneyland. The Disney Ambassador Hotel is connected to Ikspiari and Tokyo Disney Sea Hotel Miracosta is located within the bounds of Tokyo Disney Sea. All of these Hotels’ rooms are rather expensive, but it is worth considering the luxurious hospitality the special benefits that are available only for Disney hotel guests. I will introduce these special benefits in a different article. The final Disney hotel, Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel, is located adjacent to the TDR area and offers more affordable stays than the other Disney Hotels. Also 7 Disney official hotels are located at the bayside of the TDR area.


Ikspiari at christmas time
The central plaza of Ikspiari at christmas time

Ikspiari is a large shopping center located just in front of Maihama station, the entrance of TDR. There are varieties of stores here, from fashion / cosmetic stores to souvenir stores. Sweets stores and bakery are also available. There is a large food court where you can eat Western, Chinese, or Japanese food. Also as you can see in the photo there’s a Disney store where you can buy Disney souvenirs and a Cinema showing the latest movies.

Bon Voyage!

Bon Vayage!
Source: Official site (Japanese)

Bon Voyage! is a huge store where you can buy all of the major TDR official goods from chocolates to t-shirts. It’s a good place to buy souvenirs to take back home for your family or friends.

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