Review of La Taverne de Gaston at New Fantasyland

La Taverne de Gaston Restaurant title board

On September 28, New Fantasyland, the new area in Tokyo Disneyland, finally opened its doors. If you are not aware of the new section, you may also want to read the New Fantasyland overview article. Today I want to share La Taverne de Gaston, the restaurant that opened at New Fantasyland.

A Restaurant inspired by Gaston’s Tavern from the Movie

La Taverne de Gaston is a restaurant reproducing the tavern that appears in the Disney Animation, “Beauty and the Beast.” The following are basic information about the restaurants.

Where is La Taverne de Gaston?

Statue of Gaston and Le Fou in front of La Taverne de Gaston in Belle's village

In New Fantasy Land, there is an area called Belle’s little village, which replicates the village where Belle lives. In the center of the village, there is a fountain and a statue of Gaston, who is the main antagonist in the movie. You can find the restaurant, La Taverne de Gaston, right behind the fountain.

How to Order Foods at the Gaston Restaurant?

The terrace seat in La Taverne de Gaston, Tokyo Disneyland

When you enter the restaurant, you will first order your items at the counter and pay for them. You can then pick up your order at the counter on the left. Inside the restaurant, seating is free and on a first-come, first-served basis. There are also terrace seats. If you go with a group, you may want to divide your group into those who order the food and those who find a table.

How Can One Make a Reservation for Gaston’s Tavern?

Entrance and the menu board of La Taverne de Gaston

La Taverne de Gaston is available for Priority Seating. You can make reservations by,

  1. From one month in advance until the day before, you can make a reservation from the official site.
  2. If you couldn’t make a reservation in advance, you still have a chance. There are a few seats available for the same day. You can make a reservation from 9 AM at the official site.

You can also wait in line without a reservation. In that case, you can take out or eat outside on the terrace. The terrace seating is susceptible to weather conditions, so I recommend you make a reservation.

Food Review of La Taverne de Gaston

The menu of La Taverne de Gaston is below. 

Menu board above the counter La Taverne de Gaston in New Fantasyland

Hearty Sandwiches!

The Big Bite Croissant contains a bone-in sausage in a croissant. When you hold it, it’s much heavier than it looks. The croissants were crispy and very tasty. I think the Big Bite Croissant is the closest to Gaston’s image. If you take a picture with a croissant, you might as well look like Gaston.

Hunter’s pie has deer antlers on the surface. Inside the pie are beef stew and mashed potatoes, and the rich stew combined with the smooth potatoes was delicious. Like the croissant, the Hunter’s Pie was crispy and delicious.

The French toast sandwich was my favorite. The filling was chicken, béchamel sauce, and cheese, and it was delicious when eaten with a sweet french toast at the same time. The combination of sweet and salty is an addictive taste.

You can also order the above menus as sets. The set menu comes with French fries and a drink of your choice.

Delightful Sweets and Drinks!

Next, let’s take a look at the sweets. Sweet Gaston is a dessert made of two layers of strawberry jelly and mango mousse. The strawberry jelly is sweet, but the mousse is less sweet. If you eat the jelly and mousse at the same time, the sweetness will be just right. The white grains are white chocolate, and the texture is interesting when eaten together with the jelly and mousse.

Let’s go for the apple caramel churros. You can buy them at LeFou’s snack shop, the store next to Gaston’s. The Disney Resort churros are strange but delicious, and the Apple Caramel Churros are quite tasty. I would like to see a little more caramel added, as the apple flavor is rather more assertive.

The last one is Berry Cheers. It looks like a beer, but it is a non-alcoholic drink. There is a pool of sweet syrup at the bottom, so stir it well before drinking. The drink is luscious, but the soda gives it a refreshing aftertaste. After drinking it, you’ll feel as powerful and energetic as Gaston.

Incredible Replication of Gaston’s Tavern in the Movie

La Taverne de Gaston’s interior looks just like the tavern in the movie “Beauty and the Beast.” You can feel the atmosphere as if Gaston had been here a while ago.

It’s just like the tavern you saw in the movie, so I recommend you re-watch the film before coming here.


Today I shared the La Taverne de Gaston. The main menus are sandwiches, but it was more satisfying than I expected. I was also delighted with the taste. The restaurant is a faithful reproduction of the tavern from the movie, and you can enjoy the world of Beauty and the Beast. I think I missed some points, so I would like to revisit the restaurant after watching the movie again. Thank you for reading to the end.

For further readings, learn more about the 2020 extension in Tokyo Disneyland and Belles Village. If you are looking for decent restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland, I also recommend Center Street Coffee House, where you can eat authentic steaks. If you are a sweets lover, you should also check the Hawaiian pancake in Polynesian Terrace Restaurant and the Sweet Buffet in the Crystal Palace Restaurant.

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