Big Pop Popcorn Store Opens at Tokyo Disneyland

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“Big Pop” has opened on September 2020, as part of Tokyo Disneyland’s large scale extension. I have been waiting for the opening of Tokyo Disneyland’s first popcorn specialty store ever since the announcement of the plan. Sadly but inevitably, Tokyo Disneyland had been extending the start planned initially in April 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

So excited that it has finally opened, I went there right away, and I would like to share my experience in this article.

A Popcorn Store in Space

The theme of Big Pop is the universe. You can find the illustration of Big Bang’s conceptual blend with a popcorn popping at various places in the store that integrate excellently with the futuristic image of Tomorrowland. 

Baymax constellation at the ceiling of Big Pop at Tokyo Disneyland

The signboard and the chandelier’s design are illustrating a popcorn exploding. When you walk into the store, it’s like you have come to space. Then when you look closely at the ceiling, you’ll see a familiar character hiding there. Do you recognize it?

Pop tech making popcorn seen through a window in Big Pop

There are also large windows where you can look into the popcorn factory and see how the popcorns are made. According to the Tokyo Disneyland official blog(Japanese only), the people who work here are popcorn professionals called “Pop Tech.”

Where is Big Pop?

Location of Big Pop popcorn store in Tokyo DIsneyland

You can find Big Pop next to “Happy Ride with Baymax,” which are both at the furthest end of Tomorrowland.

Do You Need Reservations for BigPop? 

Currently, you cannot enter Big Pop without a reservation through the official web site. You can make reservations from 10:00 AM(JST) one month in advance. I highly recommend making a reservation in advance, as there are rarely cancellations on the same day. Only people with reservations are allowed into the store, so the time it takes to buy popcorn is short.

Flavors of the Delicious “BB popcorns” sold at Big Pop

3 BB Popcorn Flavours at BigPop in Tommorowland

The popcorns sold in Big Pop are called “BB Popcorn.” There are three kinds of popcorn available at Big Pop. A regular box of BB Popcorn is about $5 and a refill of a bucket is $7.

Note that currently, for hygienic reasons, casts will give you two regular boxes of popcorn instead of refilling your bucket when you order to refill a bucket. The volume is roughly the same (or maybe increased), but you need to refill your bucket yourself.

Caramel & Cheese Popcorn

Caramel and Cheese BB Popcorn in Beauty and the Beast Bucket

I wanted to try this flavor the most. As you can imagine, it’s hard to stop eating when you alternate between sweet and salty tastes. The recommended way to eat it is one caramel to two cheddar cheese. It will give you just the right distribution of sweet and salty.

Strawberry Milk Popcorn

Strawberry Milk Flavor BB Popcorn and Beauty and the beast bucket

The Strawberry Milk is not as tasty as the caramel cheese, in my opinion. However, I think this flavor is the most popular flavor among children among the three BB popcorns.

Cookie & Cream Popcorn

Cookie & Cream BB popcorn

The last is Cookies & Cream. It’s the most bizarre flavor. I love ice cream flavors, so I’m glad to see it available in popcorn. The cocoa cookie flavored popcorn is a bit bitter, so I thought it would be good to have it with the cream popcorn.

The difference from the popcorns sold in the wagons

Comparison of butterfly type popcorn and mushroom type popcorn

Unlike the butterfly type popcorns sold at the wagons, BB Popcorns are mushroom types. Mushroom type popcorns are mushroom-shaped and mix well with syrup and sauce(Butterfly types, on the other hand, mix well with powder seasonings). The difference between the two types is obvious when you put them side by side. BB popcorns are also very crispy and flavorful.

Picture in regular box sold at BIg Pop

The paper box of the popcorns is also different from the ones sold at the wagons. Many people say there is a hidden Mickey in this picture, though I haven’t found it yet. Can you find him?

Popcorn Bucket sold at Big Pop

You can buy several types of popcorn buckets at Big Pop. I bought the Beauty and the Beast stained glass bucket. This bucket is a lantern that has a power unit and when you turn on the light, the stained glass becomes clear and beautiful. The inside is square, and the lid opens wide. I like it because it makes it easy to take out the popcorn.


The BB popcorn was different from the popcorns I’ve eaten before, both in taste and shape. My top recommendation is the Caramel & Cheese flavor. Don’t forget to try the caramel and cheese one to two. The popcorn bucket is not only great in design but functional as well. If you have a popcorn bucket, you can buy refills for about $7. The Beauty and the Beast bucket is very instagrammable.

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