The largest development in the history of Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland’s largely developed area will have its grand opening soon. The total amount of investment is $750 million which is the largest development project in the History of Tokyo Disneyland.

This area was originally scheduled to open on April 15, but was postponed due to COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. I was looking forward to the opening of the new area, so I’m very disappointed with the postponement. However, since the Park is closed now, I’d like to post some information related to the new area. I hope my article will be useful for your visit to the new area. And let’s get ready for the reopening of the Park!

Image of New Fantasyland
Source; Official Blog Site
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The new area extends Fantasyland and is called New Fantasyland. You will find attractions featuring Beauty and the Beast and a Mickey Mouse show performed only at Tokyo Disneyland. The world’s first Baymax attraction will open at Tomorrowland.  Toontown will offer a new greeting facility starring Minnie Mouse.

Fantasyland Forest Theater

Exterior of the Forest Theater
Source;Official Blog Site
  • 1,500 seats
  • The new show about 25 minutes long
  • 5-9 performances a day

This is the first indoor theater in Tokyo Disneyland. The architecture, the exterior, and the interior of this theater all represents a forest.

Interior of the Forest Theater
Source;Official Blog Site

Tokyo Disneyland had only outdoor show stages so far. So the shows had to be canceled at times of bad weather. However, Fantasy Forest Theater is an indoor facility, so you can enjoy the show regardless of the weather.

Mickey's Magical Music World
Source; Official Blog Site

“Mickey’s Magical Music World” will be performed in this theater. The show features 22 beloved Disney characters.

Cast characters; Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Snow White, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Woody, Jessie, Lumiere, Belle, Alice, Mary Poppins, Baloo, King Louis, Timon, Cinderella, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Smee, etc.

In this show, Mickey Mouse and his friends travel in search of music from Disney movies.

As a show lover, the opening of this theater is what I’m looking forward to the most! One of the cast characters I’m interested in is Ursula, the witch from The Little Mermaid(It’s not on the cast list, but it’s on the image). What role will she play in the theater in the woods? I’m also excited to see Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. Mickey’s Magical Music World can only be seen in Tokyo Disneyland and I can’t wait to watch the show.

The seating system of this show has not been announced. I think the show will be all reserved seats for a while. In other words, only people who made a reservation with a Vacation Package, or people who won a draw at the show reservation drawing system can watch the show.

There will be 15 types of special merchandise related to the show.

Plush Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
Stuffed toy  5,100 yen each
Source; Official Blog

Minnie’s Style Studio

  • Disney FASTPASS eligible(Limited time only until September 2, 2020)

This is a character greeting facility where guests can meet Minnie Mouse. The only greeting facility Tokyo Disneyland had so far was Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey, so it’s the first time to be able to meet a character other than Mickey.

Source; Official Site

Minnie Mouse, a world-renowned fashion designer, welcomes guests to the property in seasonal and fashionable outfits. The building with the big polka-dot ribbon is the studio where Minnie Mouse designs, creates, and shoots her costumes. In the studio, you can interact with Minnie Mouse and have your picture taken with her. If you purchase a photo, it will be put in a lovely photo album.

Photo album
Source;Official Site

Due to the closure of the Park by COVID-19, a show starring Minnie Mouse, “Very Very Minnie!” was finished before the last day of the event. That’s why fans are so excited to see Minnie Mouse again at this studio. There will also be merchandise to accompany the opening of this facility. The Minnie Mouse merchandise is so cute.

Minnie Mouse's stuffed toy and Ear
Left; Ear 1,800 yen, Middle; Stuffed toy 5,100 yen, Right; Plushie badge 2,300 yen
Source; Official Blog

Minnie Mouse wears four different costumes for the season. Then, merchandise will be sold to match the outfit. The photo above shows the spring product. It’s cute with lots of flowers on the dress and hat.

Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast

Castles under construction
Castles under construction
  • Ride-type
  • Duration about 8 minutes
  • Disney FASTPASS eligible
  • Single rider eligible
  • Happy 15 entry eligible

This is a large attraction in the castle of Beauty and the Beast. Guests ride in a magical cup that sways like a dance and travels through famous scenes in the movie with the nostalgic songs.

Inside the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast
Source;Official Blog Site

Guests will take a teacup ride through a dinner hosted by Lumiere and a romantic waltz by Belle and the Beast(the songs most probably will be ‘Be My Guest’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’).

Source; Official Blog Site

The attraction will feature Audio-Animatronics(a technology famous to be born and developed in Disney theme parks). This is the first time in the world that Belle and the Beast have been recreated using Audio-Animatronics technology.

Source;Official facebook

Beauty and the Beast has several famous scenes. My favorite scene is the one where the Beast and Belle dance with Mrs. Potts’s singing the song “Beauty and the Beast”. I also like the scene in Lumiere’s dinner party. The musical performed by Lumiere and the dishes are so much fun. The scene where the Beast gives Belle the castle library as a gift is also very touching. I’m so excited to get into the movie world with this attraction. I also have to review the movie before I go to the park! I recommend you do so too ?

A video about the making of the new area can also be found in Tokyo Disney Resort`s official Facebook page.

The Beauty and the Beast area will also have shops and restaurant that replicates the movie. You are sure to feel like you have come into the movie.

The Happy Ride with BAYMAX

The Happy Ride with BAYMAX
Source; Official Blog Site
  • Ride-type
  • Duration about One minute, 30 seconds
  • Disney FASTPASS eligible
  • Only for 81cm or taller

“The Happy Ride with Baymax” opening in Tomorrowland, is the world’s first spinning ride attraction based on the Disney movie “Baymax”. In Japan, it’s better known as Baymax, but in English, the movie’s title is “Big Hero 6”. The ride moves with up-tempo music, and guests are swung around more than they can imagine.

Image of The Happy Ride with Baymax
Source;Official Blog Site

“Care robot” developed by Hiro pulls the ride. And the scanner on the ceiling measures the guest’s happiness level.

The white robot on the car is not Baymax but a robot similar to Baymax. The Baymax attraction can only be experienced at Tokyo Disneyland and I can’t wait to have a ride. Of course, if you haven’t watched “Big Hero 6” before, I strongly recommend you to watch it. A little embarrassing but, both my husband and I cried at the climax of this movie.

There are also new merchandises and restaurant menus at the opening of the new areas and new facilities, which I will cover in another post.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment!

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