Review of a Lunch Course in BellaVista Lounge

Tokyo Disney Sea has a spectacular view everywhere in the park. The Disney Imagineers(This is how they call the Disney theme park engineers) have meticulously crafted each area so guests will feel like they’ve stepped into a fantasy story. The atmosphere is excellent, but one thing disappointing is that there are only a few restaurants where you can enjoy the fantastic view while eating.
Most restaurants in Tokyo Disney Sea are indoor restaurants, and although there are some places with outdoor tables, the number is small. Also, restaurants that have a great view from a large window are scarce. I guess this is because the Imagineers did not want to break the stylish atmosphere with large restaurant windows.
Maybe the only exception to the above is the BellaVista Lounge. This restaurant is in Tokyo Disney Sea Hotel Miracosta, but the hotel itself is merged into the Tokyo Disney Sea theme park. Therefore, you can glance at the beautiful view of the Meditteranean Harbor from the large window in the restaurant.
In this article, I’d like to share some information about the BellaVista Lounge, the beautiful views, and the delicious foods. Since I went to this restaurant in the Christmas season, I will also introduce this restaurant’s Christmas special course.

BellaVista Lounge at Hotel MiraCosta

BellaVista Lounge is on the 2nd floor in Hotel MiraCosta, the hotel built within Tokyo Disney Sea. Looking up at the Hotel MiraCosta from Mickey Square, there is a lounge right in the middle.

BellaVista Lounge serves Italian cuisine and drinks. You can eat Italian dishes with a fantastic view of Mediterranean Harbor from the restaurant. BellaVista means beautiful scenery in Italian. 

Food Review of the BellaVista Lounge

I visited the BellaVista Lounge with my husband and daughter. I ordered the Christmas lunch course, my husband, the Bella Vista Lounge lunch course, and my daughter, the Mickey plate. 

Christmas Lunch Course

The menu for the Christmas lunch course is as follows.

  • Antipasto Mist
  • Lobster Vaporizer and Sea Bass Impadella Risotto with Yuzu-scented Shellfish and Turnip
  • Beef Filet Grigliata Triforati with Chestnut and Porcini Mushroom Triforati Pumpkin and Parsnip Purée with Hazelnut Oil
  • Tatin-Style Sour Cream Tart with Honey Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Coffee or Tea

First came the bread with olive oil. There were two slices of bread, a baguette and onion bread. The onion bread has been very popular since the opening of MiraCosta. The olive oil had balsamic vinegar and basil.

The arrangement of the Antipasto Mist was terrific. Red, green and white were used to match the Christmas color.

The lobster was plump and delicious. The risotto was flavored with Yuzu and had an unusual combination of Japanese and Italian flavors. The beef fillet was tender and easy to eat. Dessert was also a Christmas image. The curly decoration was made of candy. 

The Christmas course is $58, and I thought it was very reasonable considering the high volume of lobster and beef filet.

BellaVista Lounge Lunch Course

Next, the menu for the BellaVista Lounge lunch course is as follows.

  • Insalata with seared albacore tuna and turnips Salsa with dried tomatoes and capers
  • Bucatini eggplant and salsiccia ragout
  • Today’s fish impadella with ciambotta and leek Genovese sauce
  • Chocolate Mousse and Lemon Cream with Pumpkin Ice Cream
  • Coffee or Tea

The course my husband ordered was a limited-time menu until November 30. The pasta with slightly thicker noodles looked delicious. My husband loves chocolate, so it was nice to have chocolate mousse for dessert.

Mickey Plate

Finally, the menu for the Mickey plate my daughter ordered is as follows.

  • Pumpkin Salad
  • Onion Soup
  • Chicken rice and scrambled eggs
  • Whitefish Gratin
  • Hamburger and hot vegetables with demi-glace sauce
  • Bread
  • Petit Pancakes with Custard Pudding Strawberry Sorbet

As the name of the Mickey Plate suggests, my daughter was delighted to see a Mickey-shaped plate. The omelet reminded me of Grandma Sara’s Kitchen at Tokyo Disneyland. 

I was stunned at the gorgeousness of the dessert, but my daughter seemed so happy. I was also familiar with the Mickey mouse cookie, which I saw at Empire Grill in Disney Ambassador Hotel.

Christmas Special Drink

For drinks, I ordered the Christmas special drink. Apple juice, mandarin orange juice, and ginger ale combined, how can it not be delicious? I also loved the beautiful look of the glass.

Christmas special drink

View from the BellaVista Lounge

As I mentioned earlier, VellaVista means beautiful view in Italian. The window seat overlooks the Mediterranean Harbor of Tokyo Disney Sea. The Prometheus Volcano is right in front. And if the timing is right, you can watch the harbor show while you eat. There is a distance, but you can watch the show comfortably while eating. You don’t have to wait outside in the cold winter, so it’s a great place to take a break while watching the show. 

One unfortunate thing was that I could not hear the show’s music because the windows were closed. If you want a more compelling experience, I recommend Ocheano or Silk Road Garden, where you can go out to the terrace to watch the show.

Note; Currently, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, it is no longer possible to watch the show from the terrace.

The Music of the BellaVista Lounge

The music played in the restaurant are ariettes from some of the famous Italian operas. When the VellaVista Lounge opened, the staff chose the theme that would fit the atmosphere of Hotel MiraCosta. This restaurant is the only place in Tokyo Disney Resort where you can listen to real opera songs. It’s strange to listen to opera while in the park, but I think it an excellent match for special occasions like Christmas.

How to Make Reservations

You can make a reservation through the Disney official site. However, BellaVista Lounge is one of the most challenging restaurants to book in Tokyo Disney Resort. Bookings are almost instantly full when a new slot is released, and usually, all you can do is pick up a cancellation. Luckily cancellations are not rare, so if you check the reservation site every day, you may find an availability. 

There’s one thing to be careful of when making a reservation. If you look at the booking site, there are two types of BellaVista Lounges where you can enter the restaurant’s name. Choose the BellaVista Lounge instead of the BellaVista Lounge(wall-side), and you will be seated on the window side. I’ve never been seated on the wall side, but you probably won’t get much of a view. However, there are sofas on the wall side, which is a good option if you want to relax and rest.


All of the food, the atmosphere, the view, and the staff in the BellaVista Lounge restaurant was exceptional. It’s hard to get a reservation because of the small number of seats, but I would like to go again if I have the opportunity. This time it was for lunch, but next time I want to go for dinner. I want to see the view of the Mediterranean Harbor at dusk and night. I’m sure it will be a romantic atmosphere.

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