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Tokyo Disney Resort’s Halloween season has started on September 3. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Halloween event’s scale is not as grand as usual. There are no Halloween parades and no decorations in the parks. Still, there are a few small events, and one of them is the Halloween menu in Empire Grill at Disney Ambassador Hotel. I’ve recently tried this new menu, and I’d like to share my experience there.

Halloween Menu at Disney Ambassador Hotel

Disney Ambassador Hotel

There are four restaurants in the Disney Ambassador Hotel. Chef Mickey is a casual buffet type restaurant. It used to be a “character dining” where you can greet with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daizy, and Goofy while eating. Unfortunately, character dinings are obsoleted since the coronavirus pandemic this year. Tick Tok Diner is a Deli Cafe where you can buy sandwiches and set menus to take out or eat in. Hyperion Lounge is the lobby lounge of the Disney Ambassador Hotel. Empire Grill is a fancy restaurant, and the official site explains that their Californian dishes combine the essence of Italian, Mexican, and SoutheEastern and many other country’s foods. 

All of these restaurants have started a Halloween seasonal menu from September 3. At this time, I could make a reservation on lunch at Empire Grill.

Empire Grill

Empire Grill at Disney Ambassador Hotel

Empire Grill locates on the first floor of Disney Ambassador hotel between Chef Mickey and Tick Tok Diner. When you enter the restaurant, a waiter will speak to you and guide you to your table. The interiors in the restaurant make a luxurious atmosphere. I came with my husband and my 4-year-old daughter, and the staffs were all so kind to the child.
The restaurant sommelier showed up to take the orders. Although we did not have wine, she explained all the dishes in the course. My husband and I ordered Halloween Empire Grill Lunch and Halloween Special Drink. Child Plate for our daughter.

Child Plate at Empire Grill in Disney Ambassador Hotel

Child Plate is roughly $26. The menu from April 1 to September 30 is below.

  • Cream of corn soup
  • Potato Salad and Garden Salad
  • Hamburger steak with demi-glace sauce
  • Mini American Dock
  • Chicken and rice
  • Warm vegetables and fried potatoes
  • Pudding a la mode

It’s a menu full of kids’ favorite things. French fried takes up half of the Mickey-shaped plate!

Child Plate at Empire Grill in Disney Ambassador Hotel

The pudding a la mode was accompanied by a Langdosha cookie with Mickey on it. This set doesn’t contain a drink, and I added apple juice. Apple juice is about $4 and is made of a famous Japanese apple breed called Fuji.

Halloween Special Drink at Empire Grill in Disney Ambassador Hotel

Halloween Special Drink is $12. This drink is made with kumquat syrup, apple tiser, tonic water, fresh lemon juice, chervil, and edible flowers. The sweetness was moderate and refreshing.

Halloween Empire Grill Lunch is roughly $43.

  • Hiramasa and whelk tartar with beetroot and apple tiramisu with spicy tortilla accents
  • Minestrone with root vegetables and pumpkin gnocchi
  • The main dish of choice
    • Almond-covered Flounder Poirette with Romesco Sauce served with caramelized fennel and lemon grec 
    • Confit grilled platinum pork marinated in adobo sauce with braised lentils and zinfandel-scented chutney sauce
    • Empire Grill Special Mixed Grill (extra $14)
  • Blackcurrant Semifreddo and Pear Sorbet with Orange Chocolate Sauce
  • Coffee or tea

First is the appetizer, tiramisu. The tortillas on the tiramisu represent Halloween bats.
Next, we had the minestrone. Gnocchi made of pumpkin was inside the soup, and it was glutinous and delicious.
Then the main dish. I ordered the Flounder Poirette, and my husband ordered Empire Grill Special mixed grill. The Poirette was a little light on flavor, but the almond flavor was fragrant.
The Special Mixed Grill was hearty. Beef, pork, and lamb served hot on the grill. My husband had it with a demi-glace sauce and said it was excellent.
Finally, we had dessert. A glass container filled with chocolate sauce is topped with chocolate shaping a spider web. The chocolate sauce is for the sorbet, but the chocolate is not sweet, so it went well with the sorbet.


Empire Grill at Disney Ambassador Hotel

Empire Grill offers a priority seating system.

If you have a hotel room reservation

If you make a reservation at Disney Hotel via the official site, there is no problem booking Empire Grill. Once you have made a reservation for the hotel room, you will receive a guest’s advantage to prioritize your reservation at the restaurant. This benefit is available until 9 PM the day before you check-in. 

If you are only reserving the restaurant

From 10 AM one month in advance to 9 PM the day before, you can make a reservation from the official site.

Reservation for the same day

You can make a reservation from 10 AM at the official site.


The Empire Grill is a luxurious restaurant, and I think its perfect for special occasions like someone’s birthday or anniversaries. The course dishes are brilliant and quite reasonable for a course menu. I’d be happy to come again and try out a different menu when another event starts.

Thank you for reading this article. If you are looking for Restaurants in Disney hotels, you may find my Review of Restaurants in Disney Hotels useful. Also, Dreamers lounge in Tokyo Disneyland Hotel has a splendid Afternoon Tea menu.

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