Popcorn specialty store opening in Tokyo Disneyland

Popcorn at the Tokyo Disney Resort is very popular. I love it too and buy it every time I go to the Parks.

As part of the big extension of Tokyo Disneyland in 2020, a popcorn specialty store will open next to the Baymax attraction in Tomorrowland. This is the first specialty store in Tokyo Disney Resort.

Note; Due to Covid-19 pandemic, opening date is yet to be determined

Big Pop

A popcorn specialty store will be opening. The name of the store is Big Pop. Until now, popcorn has only been sold at wagons, but now we have our first shop. The store’s image is futuristic and fits nice in Tomorrowland. The lights look like popcorn.

Source; Official Blog

You can buy three different flavor popcorns at this store. Cookies and cream, Strawberry Milk and Caramel and Cheese. The price is 500 Yen for all the flavors. It doesn’t look like the ones you can buy at the wagons but more like the flavorful popcorns you’d find downtown.

Left: Cookies and cream 500 yen, Middle: Strawberry Milk 500 yen, Right: Caramel and Cheese 500 yen
Source; Official Blog

I haven’t eaten it yet, but I can tell that all the flavors are delicious. Caramel and cheese look the tastiest because the combination of sweets and spice is always delicious and even addictive!

Baymax popcorn buckets will also be available. I’m a Baymax fan, and I desperately want this bucket!

Popcorn bucket 2,600 yen
Source; Official Site

I love popcorn so much that I’m going to write a post featuring popcorns in the future.

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