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Curry rice is prevalent in Japan, and several restaurants in Tokyo Disney Resort serve this menu. In Tokyo Disneyland, the Hungry Bear Restaurant is a curry rice specialty restaurant, and Center Stree Coffeehouse also serves curry. Because Japanese people love curry so much, they use curry sauce to make other dishes. You can try one such curry menu, the “curry udon,” at Dockside Diner in Tokyo Disney Sea.

Dockside Diner Overview

Entrance of Dockside Diner in American Waterfront, owner company name engraved on top

Dockside Diner is a relatively new restaurant that opened at Tokyo Disney Sea on August 20, 2020. The restaurant stands right beside the luxury cruiser “S.S.Columbia” in the American Waterfront area.

It is a casual restaurant where the crews sailing on S.S.Columbia and the port workers come to eat lunch. The owning company name “UNITED STATES STEAMSHIP CO.” is engraved on the front of the restaurant building, indicating that the restaurant belongs to the company that owns and operates S.S. Columbia.

Map of the American Waterfront area of Tokyo DIsney Sea, depicting the location of Docside Diner

The restaurant that was formerly a cargo warehouse

Dockside Diner was originally a cargo warehouse that was renovated to become a restaurant. In the restaurant, cargos are still piled up as when it was operating as a cargo terminal.

Pay attention to the words on the luggage. It may have something to do with other restaurants in Tokyo Disney Sea.

How to order at Dockside Diner

Dockside Diner is a counter-service restaurant where you order and pay for your food first and then find your table by yourself. Before you enter the restaurant building, there is a menu board where you can decide what to order.

Menu board of Dockside Diner in Tokyo Disney Sea

How to make a reservation

You don’t need a reservation to eat at Dockside Diner. There are plenty of seats(470 seats), and the rotation is quite fast. Staggering your mealtime may be a good strategy on crowded seasons or if you have a tight schedule to make sure you don’t have to wait a long time to find a table.

The Unique Curry Menu in Dockside Diner

The curry menu available at Dockside Diner is curry clam chowder udon. The combination of curry and clam chowder is something I have never tasted before. At first, it was clam chowder and udon noodles. After trying several ingredients to match the clam chowder and udon, the curry was a perfect choice.

There are clams and potatoes in the curry sauce. Since the curry is mild and the clam chowder stew is creamy, children will love the taste. The white fish fritters were crispy and very tasty when eating with the udon noodles. I was surprised that Japanese curry and American clam chowder combine so well. The curry udon comes with french fries and drinks if you order a set, but the portion of udon is quite large, so I recommend ordering without the set unless you are starving.

Dockside Diner also serves fresh fruits and desserts. When I was there, they had cherry muffins. The desserts available change depending on the season.

Duffy and Friends Souvenir Items

At Dockside Diner, you can purchase Duffy and Friends souvenir items for an additional fee. I bought a lunch case and a small plate. The lunch case was $12, but considering the thick material and its functionality, I think it is better than the price. The souvenir plate came with a cherry muffin for $9, and I use it often at home at tea time. 

You can check out Dockside Diner’s menu and the available goods on the official website (unfortunately, this page is only in Japanese).


In this article, I introduced Dockside Diner at Tokyo Disney Sea. Although it’s quite unique to combine Japanese curry udon with American clam chowder, it was an exquisite match! Eating curry udon will warm you up, so I recommend you try it in winter. Next to the Dockside Diner, there is also the S.S. Columbia Dining Room where you can eat excellent roast beef at the first-class cabin of the luxury cruizer. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I hope you’ll read on. Thank you for reading to the end.

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