China Voyager, Excellent Ramen Restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland

Wherever you go in Japan, you will always find a ramen restaurant. You may even see people waiting in lines in front of famous restaurants. Japanese people love ramen so much that they are willing to stand in line to eat it. Ramen in Japan is delicious, and if you are traveling to Japan, I recommend you have a taste. In fact, you can have a try in China Voyager, a restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland!

Ramen Restaurant Found by an Ancestor of a Pirate

The grandson of a Chinese cook who once worked on a pirate ship inherited the recipe and restored an old boathouse to create his Chinese restaurant.

According to the Tokyo Disney Resort Official blog, Chinese Voyager has a relationship with the neighboring attraction Swiss Family Treehouse. The Swiss Family Treehouse is a replica of the treehouse where the Robinson family lived. In the movie The Swiss Family Robinson, the Robinson family once fought a pirate ship. The cook of the defeated pirate ship is the ancestor of the founder of China Voyager.

Where is China Voyager

Map of Adventureland in Tokyo Disneyland, dipicting the location of China Voyager

China Voyager is the only ramen restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland, and you can find China Voyager in Adventureland.

Do you need reservations?

China Voyager does not require reservations. There are several tables available, so you can often find a seat with little waiting time even at crowded hours. When I went there at 11:00 a.m., I was able to get in right away. It became a little crowded at noon, but the waiting line was shorter than other restaurants.

How to Order at China Voyager

Menu Board of China Voyager in Adventureland

China Voyager is a counter service restaurant. Before you reach the cash register, you can look at food samples and pictures of the menu to decide what you want to eat. The first step is to order your food at the cash register and pay for it. You may have to wait in lines, but cast members will come to ask for your order while you are standing in the queue during busy hours. After paying, pick up your food at the counter. 

Food Review of China Voyager

Savory Ramens

The Voyager Set

The voyager set includes

  • Noodles with Kakuni pork and Mapo tofu
  • Steamed pork buns
  • Soft drink

Kakuni is a Chinese food using ribs of pork. Mapo tofu is a Chinese dish made by frying minced pork and tofu with Chinese spices like Toubanjan. It’s usually quite spicy, but this one wasn’t that hot, so even children can eat it. The starchy sauce of Mapo tofu was covering the noodles, preserving the heat even on a cold day. The Kakuni pork was very tender and juicy. 

The steamed pork bun is shaping Donald Duck’s hips. Steamed buns are traditional Chinese food, but it’s also popular in Japan, and you can find various flavors sold across the country. 

(For example, you can find pizza buns and curry buns at most convenience stores in Japan. There are many kinds of buns, but I think the ordinary pork bun is the best choice.)

Black Pepper Pork Noodle

Black Pepper Pork Noodle

Next is the Black Pepper Pork Noodle. Usually, ramen noodles come with thin Chashu (braised pork belly), but black pepper pork noodles come with vast and thick pork. The pork is so big that it almost sticks out of the bowl. The pork is black pepper flavored, which is a little spicy, but it warms you up in the Winter. The soup is soy sauce tonkotsu(pork born) soup that is not too strong.

Kids Plate

Child's Set comes with Ramen, fruit jelly and juice

The set comes with apple juice and fruit jelly. If it is difficult for a little child to eat directly from the bowl, you can use children’s dishes. The soup is soy sauce tonkotsu, the same as Black Pepper Pork Noodle. While the volume is small, the taste is the same, so not only children but also people who are not that hungry but want to try a bite might like it.

Amusing Desserts

Mickey-Shaped Almond Tofu

Mickey-Shaped Almond Tofu in China Voyager, Adventureland

Almond tofu is a popular Chinese sweet. This one was Mickey shaped and came with strawberries. With its refreshing aftertaste, it was perfect for eating after ramen.

Mango Pudding

Donald Duck Mango Pudding at China Voyager Tokyo Disneyland

The mango pudding was in the shape of Donald Duck. It was very smooth, and the mangoes had a rich taste and flavor. It was like the ones served at fancy Chinese restaurants. I love mangoes, so I thought I could come to China Voyager just for this pudding. If you can’t decide what to have for dessert, I recommend you choose mango pudding.


A borad on the building next to China Voyager says, 20,000 Leaks

In this article, I introduced China Voyager. Ramen is a reasonably priced food that is quick to eat and fills you up. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try Japanese ramen. Make sure you don’t forget to order the sweets!

If you are looking for restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland, you may be interested in Restaurant Hokusai, where you can find traditional Japanese food. Another choice is La Taverne de Gaston, where you can eat hearty sandwiches and enjoy Beauty and the Beast’s atmosphere. If you are visiting China Voyager, you may also want to learn more about the Swiss Family Treehouse.

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