Delicious Baymax Menu in Center Street Coffeehouse


Previously, I shared an article on Happy Fair With Baymax, a limited-time event in winter 2020, featuring Baymax from the Disney animation “Big Hero 6”. This time, I’d like to introduce the menu I tried at Center Street Coffeehouse, that is related to the event. Center Street Coffee House is a restaurant that offers a variety of Western food. As I mentioned in an article before, whatever you eat at this restaurant is authentic and delicious. So let’s take a closer look!

Baymax inspired Menu in Center Street Coffeehouse

Center Street Coffeehouse is at World Bazaar. This time my family and I tried “Baymax Curry and Rice”($15) and “Baymax Steak Plate.”($23) Below is the menu board displayed in front of the restaurant. You can make a reservation with the Tokyo Disney Resort official app, or through the official reservation page.

Center Street Cofeehouse Menu, including happy fair with baymax event Menu's

Baymax Curry and Rice

Baymax Curry at Center Street Coffeehouse, World Bazaar

The dish I wanted to try first was Baymax curry and rice. Japanese people love curry and rice, and they are very particular about this menu. I’d bet most Japanese people eat curry and rice at least once a month.

When you see the plate, it looks like Baymax is taking a bath in curry. First, I had the chicken wing dumplings. Chicken wings remind me of the movie “Big Hero 6”, where aunt Cass made spicy chicken wings that will “melt your face.” For better or worse, it seems that these dumplings are not spicy as in the movie. Behind the dumplings were a tender and very juicy tandoori chicken.

The curry was sweet and not too spicy, so not only adults but children can enjoy it. The amount of rice matches well with the amount of curry sauce. The heart-shaped one is not a carrot. It is called “Imo-mochi,” and it is a local dish in Japan. It is a chewy snack made of potatoes.

Baymax Steak Plate

Baymax steak plate at Center Street Coffeehouse, Tokyo Disneyland

I wrote in my previous article that the steaks at Center Street Coffee House are excellent. I haven’t had it for a few months, but it’s still delicious. The difference from last time is that it now comes with wasabi sauce and garlic rice. The wasabi sauce is too spicy for children, but the scent combined with the steak is mouth-watering.

Garlic rice is in a cocotte with a white sauce in the shape of Baymax. The white sauce, combined with the garlic rice, makes it look like a Doria. I want to emphasize that I love French fries, and these thin fries are available only at Center Street Coffeehouse in Tokyo Disney Resort. The crispy french fries were delicious.

Sweets and Drinks

Baymax ice Cafe Mocha, in Center street Cofeehouse, Tokyo Disneyland

Iced Cafe Mocha, a popular menu at Center Street Coffeehouse, has become Baymax. It contains raspberry sauce, chocolate ice cream, and white chocolate in cafe mocha with jelly. It’s a pity that you have to ruin Baymax’s face, but I recommend that you stir it well before drinking it. It’s a dessert rather than a drink. It is a slightly bitter cafe mocha, but the sour raspberries and sweet chocolate made it a delicious drink.


I shared the Baymax menu at the Center Street House. The Center Street Coffee House was also planning to have a unique pancake set featuring Baymax, but I didn’t see it this time. I would love to go there when the pancakes go on sale. I’ll share it on my blog, of course!

There are other restaurants in Tokyo Disney Resort where you can enjoy authentic meat dishes. At S.S.Columbia Dining Room in Tokyo Disney Sea, you can enjoy excellent roast beef. If you want to try curry rice, Hungry Bear Restaurant is also a great choice.

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