Popular Japanese Food at Tokyo’s Downtown Disney Fall 2022

Ikspiari is Tokyo’s version of Downtown Disney.

It is a shopping mall located in front of JR Maihama Station, the closest station to the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Ikspiari is not only a shopping and dining destination but also a movie theater.

I recently had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Ikspiari.

Today, I would like to introduce a popular Japanese menu at the Japanese version of Downtown Disney.

Tokyo’s version of Downtown Disney’s Japanese restaurant

There are several Japanese restaurants in Ikspiari, and today I would like to introduce “Kome Raku”.

The “Kome” in “Kome Raku” is the Japanese word for rice.

What makes this restaurant unique is its focus on the traditional Japanese dish of “Ochazuke.”

”Ochazuke” is a dish of rice topped with Dashi soup.

Initially, a light meal consisting only of leftover rice topped with tea, Kome Raku offers a luxurious “Ochazuke.”

At Kome Raku, you can also have ” Karaage ” (deep-fried chicken).

If you feel that “Ochazuke” alone is not enough, you can add fried chicken as well.

Recommended Ochazuke at Kome Raku

Now let’s take a look at Kome Raku’s standard menu item, “Ochazuke!”

This time, I ordered the “Rice with Negitoro and Pickled Tuna”.

“Negitoro” is minced tuna mixed with green onions.

A bowl of rice topped with “Negitoro” and a fillet of tuna marinated in a special sauce is an appetizing dish.

First, pour soy sauce over the bowl and taste it as it is.

After eating half of it, pour the “Dashi” in the jug over it and eat it as “Ochazuke.”

At Kome Raku, you can enjoy the two different ways of eating it.

“Ochazuke” can be topped with the condiments of your choice.

From left to right: “Arare”, “Wasabi”, “Nori”, and “Katsuobushi.”

“Arare” is like a very small cracker made of rice.

Wasabi, as many of you know, is a very hot condiment.

When using it, it is best to try it in small quantities.

Hospitality at Kome Raku

At Kome Raku, a message card accompanies the meal.

The card is in Japanese only, but it explains the nutritional information of the ingredients.

Be sure to check out the lighting as well.

Washi paper is used, and you will experience the atmosphere of an old Japanese house.

Location of Kome Raku

Kome Raku is located in the food court on the first floor of Ikspiari.

It is especially popular among young women, and there is always a line of people waiting in line no matter what time of day you go.


Ikspiari is Tokyo’s version of Downtown Disney.

In this article, I introduced “Kome Raku”, a restaurant specializing in “Ochazuke.”

At Ikspiari, Rainforest Cafe is also recommended for families with kids.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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