Lina Bell is coming to the Disney Resort Line in Sep. 2022

Duffy’s new friend, Lina Bell, is coming to Japan in September 2022.

In my previous article, I shared with you some of the Lina Bell merchandise that will be available at Tokyo DisneySea.

Lina Bell will not only appear in the parks.

You can also meet her on the Disney Resort Line.

In this time, I share about the collaboration project between Disney Resort Line and Lina Bell.

Disney Resort Line Meets Lina Bell

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The Disney Resort Line is a convenient way to get around the Tokyo Disney Resort.

With Mickey-shaped windows and suspension straps, the train is not only a means of transportation but also a fun ride.

There will be a collaboration project for this monorail, coinciding with the arrival of Lina Bell at Tokyo DisneySea.

The first is a wrapped monorail with a Lina Bell design.

The interior of the train will be decorated with a Lina Bell motif.

This will be the first wrapped train in nearly two years, since the Duffy and Friends Liner that ran from January to August 2020.

The Official Website

Second, 1-day passes with designs of Lina Bell will be on sale.

There are even fans who collect the Resort Line tickets because the designs change with each event.

I’m one of them, so I’ll be sure to get one of these tickets!

The Disney Resort Line and Lina Bell special project will begin on September 8, 2022.


I introduced the collaboration project between Lina Bell and the Disney Resort Line.

There were no major events at the park until August, but there are many things to look forward to in September and beyond, including Lina Belle and Halloween.

I hope to continue to share the latest information with Disney fans around the world.

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