Tokyo Disney Sea 20th Anniversary “Time to Shine!”

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On June 7, 2021, Tokyo Disney Resort announced a new event at Tokyo Disney Sea called “Time to Shine!.”

Tokyo Disney Sea opened on September 4, 2001, and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. There will be a “Time to Shine!” harbor show, special merchandise, and special food.

I’ll be sharing about Tokyo Disney Sea’s 20th Anniversary “Time to Shine!.”

What is “Time to Shine!” at Tokyo Disney Sea 20th Anniversary?

“Time to Shine!” is an event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Sea.

The following is an outline of the events for the milestone year.

Outline of “Time to Shine!

Period; From September 4, 2021, through September 3, 2022

  1. Entertainment Program “Mickey & Friends Harbor Greeting’ Time to Shine!'”
  2. Special goods(Mickey Mouse and the Disney Friends & Duffy and Friends)
  3. Tokyo Disney Sea Restaurant’s 20th Anniversary Special Menu
  4. Decorations in the Park
  5. Special menus and items at Disney Hotels
  6. Disney Resort Line Free Ticket 20th Anniversary Limited Design

Good thing the event runs 365 days a year! I’m going to dig deeper into the contents of “Time to Shine!’

Mickey & Friends Harbor Greeting’ Time to Shine!’ 

Mickey and his friends will appear on a boat with new costumes and music for “Time to Shine!”


Performance Starting Date: September 4, 2021
Venue: Mediterranean Harbor
Duration: About 10 minutes
Performances: 2 to 3 daily
Number of Boats: 1
Participating Disney Characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Duffy, ShellieMay

Due to COVID-19, the only show seems to be the greeting. Too bad there won’t be a show at Piazza Topolino. The schedule may still change, so I’ll share any additional info I get!

Special Merchandise

Tokyo DisneySea, 20th Anniversary, Time to Shine!, Special Goods
Official Website;tds20th

“Time to Shine!” special goods will be on sale.

They have plush toys, pin badges, stationery, and more. In addition, although not shown in the image, some exclusive personalized items and items that are only available in a limited quantity will also be found at the Park during the event period. I want to get my hands on some of these.

There are also goods for Duffy and his friends. The theme is “Starry Dreams of Duffy & Friends.” I’m sure they’ll be trendy too. Duffy & Friends goods will be available for pre-sale from September 3.

Special Menus

Tokyo DisneySea, 20th Anniversary, Time to Shine!, "Seasonal Taste Selections" menu image
Official Website;tds20th

Tokyo Disney Sea restaurants and food wagons will be selling special foods to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

The restaurant will be having “Seasonal Taste Selections” based on seasonal themes. The photo above is an example of the menu at Ristorante di Canaletto, where I previously introduced stone oven pizza.

The food wagon in the Park will be serving 20th-anniversary churros. Churros at Tokyo Disney Resort are delicious, aren’t they?


Tokyo DisneySea, 20th Anniversary, Time to Shine!, Decorations
Official Website;tds20th

The area around the Globe (Aqua Sphere), the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea, will be decorated to celebrate the 20th anniversary. 

Passaggio MiraCosta(Photo above) will also be decorated for the first time in many years. I’m looking forward to it.

Disney Hotels

There will be a celebration at Hotel MiraCosta, which opened 20 years ago with Tokyo Disney Sea.

at Hotel MiraCosta
  • Restaurant specials and drinks (begins on September 3)
  • Party Plan in Banquet Hall “Private Dining Plan” Special Menu (starts on September 4)

Celebration Hotel is also preparing for the celebration.

at Celebration Hotel
  • Specially designed postcards to celebrate the 20th anniversary (starting September 3)
  • Room key holders (starts September 3)

There are no Tokyo Disneyland Hotel or Disney Ambassador Hotel events, but the schedule may change in the future.

Resort Line Tickets

The free tickets for the Resort Line will also be designed to reflect Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary “Time to Shine!”

You can buy “Time to Shine!” design tickets from September 3.


I shared about Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary “Time to Shine!”
As a Disney fan, I’m happy to see that 2021 is looking brighter than 2020 when there were no events at all!

Tokyo Disney Sea has a lot of events coming up; Fantasy Springs will open in 2023. If you want to know more, read New theme Port, “Fantasy Springs,” Opening at Tokyo Disney Sea in 2023.

I’ll share any additional information about “Time to Shine!”
Thank you for reading to the end.

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