Lina Bell is coming to Tokyo DisneySea in September 2022

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Lina Bell, Duffy & Friends’ new friend, appeared at the Shanghai Disney Resort last year.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting when the little pink fox would make her way to our Japanese parks!

And just the other day, the Tokyo Disney Resort announced the date that Lina Bell will be coming to Tokyo DisneySea!

This time, I would like to share Duffy’s new friend, Lina Bell.

Lina Bell is Coming to Tokyo DisneySea!

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Last year, a new member joined Duffy & Friends.

The new member is a pink fox girl, Lina Bell.

She looks like a cat but is modeled on a type of fox called a fennec.

Lina Bell is supposed to be a girl who likes to solve mysteries, so she carries a magnifying glass.

With her pink fur and blue eyes, Lina Bell is likely to be popular among young women.

Lina Belle Goods Available at Tokyo DisneySea

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Lina Bell will appear at Tokyo DisneySea, but her performances in shows and greetings are yet to be determined.

While the real debut is yet to come, Lina Bell goods will be available shortly!

Lina Bell Goods Release Date
  • From September 8, 2022 (planned)

Click here for a list of goods

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Are plush toys still the most popular?

The costumes are different from the Shanghai Lina Bell.

Everyone has their own preferences, but I personally like the skirt and beret of the Shanghai version.

That said, the Japanese version of Lina Bell will be lovely to see in person.

Where to buy Lina Bell goods at Tokyo DisneySea

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Let’s check out the stores where you can buy Lina Bell goods!

For now, Duffy & Friends merchandise is only available at Tokyo DisneySea.

So, Lina Bell’s items are also limited to DisneySea.

Tokyo Disney Sea, McDuck's Department Store, American Waterfront
McDuck’s Department Store

The best place to find Duffy & Friends merchandise is at McDuck’s Department Store on the American Waterfront.

However, the sales method has not yet been determined at this time.

We will wait for an announcement on the details of the sales method in late August.

The Official Website

This is just my prediction, but I believe that the purchase will be only online shopping through the official app.

Furthermore, there will probably be a limit of only one of each product per person.

In order to buy Lina Bell merchandise on the official app, you will need a ticket for the day at DisneySea.

When the situation calms down a bit, you may be able to buy Lina Bell merchandise at the stores in the parks.

But for the time being, you will need to get a standby pass to get into the store.


This article has introduced Lina Bell, coming soon to Tokyo DisneySea.

Her show and greeting are still a ways off, but merchandise sales are planned, and we can’t wait for her debut.

I will update this article when it becomes clear how the merchandise will be sold.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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