Disney Resort Line Day Pass Design for August 2022

The Disney Resort Line is a must-have means of transportation within Tokyo Disney Resort.

I have also checked out the August ticket designs.

Please also see my previous article on July’s design.

August 2022 1-Day Ticket Designs

August’s ticket designs now feature a parade design!

The motif is “Dreaming Up” at Tokyo Disneyland.

I previously wrote an article about “Dreaming Up“.

Dreaming Up is a daytime parade at Disneyland that has been running since 2018.

Next year is Tokyo Disneyland’s 40th anniversary, and a new parade may possibly be unveiled.

Depending on the infection situation in Japan, though, there may be nothing.

With the exception of “Dreaming Up,” the tickets had the same design as in July.

New ticket designs will be available in September and beyond, and I will keep you posted on this blog.


I introduced the design for the August 2022 Disney Resort Line Day Passes.

It is summer vacation in Japan, but the Disney parks were not as crowded as I expected.

Probably due to the heat wave and the coronavirus pandemic, but I have a feeling that guests will return after September.

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