Halloween Snacks at Tokyo Disney Sea

My last post was about a spooky Halloween lunch course at Disney Ambassador hotel, and here is another post featuring Halloween in Tokyo Disney Resort.

There’s a rumor that Tokyo Disney Resort introduced Halloween events to Japan for the first time. I’m not sure if TDR truly is the first, but at least they played a huge role in spreading this event to the Japanese people. Sadly there is no official announcement about the Halloween event at Tokyo Disney Resort this year. However, you can still feel its atmosphere in the parks. In this post, I would like to share Halloween snacks at Tokyo Disney Sea.

Goolu-Goolu Mummy Bun

You can buy the Goolu-Goolu Mummy Bun at Nautilus Galley in Mysterious Island. This shop usually sells Gyoza sausage bun. Gyoza means dumplings in Japanese, and Goolu-Goolu Mummy Bun is filled with the same Gyoza sausage. 

The shape of the bun is a funny looking mummy Mickey. It’s quite large, about 7.9 inches long, and a bit spicy, but my 4-year-old daughter was able to eat it.

Halloween Ukiwah Bun

You can buy the Halloween Ukiwah Bun(Ukiwah means float) at Seaside Snacks in Port Discovery. This shop usually sells Ukiwah Buns, but currently sells the Halloween version.

The dough of the bun is purple and decorated with bats. The filling inside is minced chicken with teriyaki sauce. The sweet and spicy flavoring is really addictive.

When to buy event snacks?

Halloween Ukiwah Bun and Goolu-Goolu Mummy Bun

Event snacks in Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea are highly popular, and you will have to wait on a long line to buy one in the afternoon, or if you’re unlucky, it might sell out. If you want to eat these snacks for sure, I recommend you buy them in the morning.


One of the best things about Tokyo Disney Sea is the wide variety of one-hand snacks. The menu changes every season, and I look forward to it every time I visit. Unfortunately, this year, there is no Halloween event, but I was glad that at least I can feel the atmosphere.

Thank you for reading this article. I’ve been posting about food for a while now. But Fall is the best season for eating in Japan, and I’m planning to share more food topics. Please stay tuned!

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