Must-Have Items When Going To Tokyo Disney Resort in Summer

I’ve lived in Japan for long years, and I feel boiling and humid every summer. While the daytime temperatures may hover around 95 degrees Fahrenheit, you can expect humidity of up to 80 percent at times. With no preparation, a day in Disneyland may be quite tiresome. If it’s your first time to come to Japan, read on to learn about what you’ll need on such a hot day at Tokyo Disney Resort(TDR). The heat is sometimes quite severe in Tokyo, but you don’t have to worry too much if you are well prepared for the climate.

Must-Have for Tokyo DIsney Resort
What are you going to put in your bag?

Cooling Towel

Mickey and Minnie coolign towel
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I use this Cooling Towel whenever I go to TDR in summer. Using this towel is easy. Soak the towel with water, wring out the water, shake it a little, and put it on your neck. Be careful of the people around you when shaking. It feels cool when you put this towel on your neck, and it also protects your neck from sunburn. The towel will stay cool while the water evaporates.


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Taking a towel will be helpful if you’re planning to go to Tokyo Disney Sea. You can get quite wet if you’re watching the summer water show. Also, some of the attractions like Aquatopia go wild in summer and splashes water to you. There are some attractions in Tokyo Disneyland that will make you wet, like Splash Mountain.


There are beverage shops and vending machines in Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. However the price is a little expensive, so I advise you to buy your drinks before going into the parks. Purchasing drinks at a supermarket or a drug store will be the cheapest, but the open hours at around 10 AM to 10 PM. Buying from convenience stores would also be less expensive than buying in the parks, and the stores are available 24 hours.

Salt Candy

To avoid heatstroke, it’s essential not only to take a lot of water, but you need to replenish the sodium you lose by sweating. Salt candies are a convenient way to supply sodium. You can bring it from home, but buying one at a supermarket or a drug store in Japan is another good choice. Salt candies are quite popular in Japan, and you might find some delicious sweets. The images above are the ones I found tasty.

Sunscreen Lotion

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The sunscreen lotion is a necessary item when you are going out in summer. If you have a favorite one, don’t forget to bring it. It’s better to repaint it frequently if you are sweaty or wet. My favorite one is a type of emulsion and never remains fingerprints on my smartphone.


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The rainy season in Tokyo is from June to early July, where it will rain about five days a week. From mid-July to mid-September, there is a shower in the afternoon about once a week. Bringing umbrellas can be troublesome in your travel, but it would be safe to have a rain poncho in your rucksack.

Beauty Face Mask

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After enjoying a hot summer day in TDR, your skin should be exposed immensely to UV rays. UV rays can not only cause sunburns but also stains, so I recommend you to bring beauty masks. I add one of them to my regular skincare items, especially if I feel my skin isn’t better. The image above is the one I always use.


Although the reflection from the ground isn’t so strong in summer at TDR, you will find your eyes a lot lighter at the end of the day by protecting your eyes with sunglasses in the daytime.

Band-Aid for heels

There is a lot of walking in Tokyo Disney Resort(TDR). Especially in summer, I walk for a maximum of 8 hours. My skin gets soft with sweat and makes a blister. Once I develop a blister on my heel, I can’t walk and won’t be able to enjoy the park at all. That’s why whenever I go to TDR I bring some Band-Aid in my bag. When I feel something strange on my heel, I apply the band-aid to prevent blisters or skin peeling.


The heat and humidity at Tokyo Disney Resort are quite severe in summer. However, it is also an exciting season with special summer events like the Disney Tanabata Days and the water show in Tokyo Disney Sea. Be sure to prepare well to comfortably enjoy your trip to Tokyo Disney Resort on such a hot day.

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Things to bring to Tokyo Disneland in SUMMER

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