Paid Fastpass at Tokyo Disney Resort from May 19

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Last year, Disney’s Genie Plus debuted at Walt Disney World, and now a similar system has been installed at the Tokyo parks.

Today, I would like to consider paid Fast Passes at Tokyo Disneyland and Sea!

Tokyo’s version of Disney’s Genie+

Tokyo Disney Resort® App

Tokyo’s version of “Genie+,” Disney Premier Access, will begin on May 19 2022.

Premier Access is a paid service that reduces waiting time at Tokyo Disneyland and Sea attractions.

Soaring: Fantastic Flight, Tokyo DisneySea, Mediterranean Harbor

The Tokyo parks eliminated standby passes (free timed tickets) on April 25, allowing any guest to line up and experience the attractions.

However, we were annoyed that the waiting time for Soaring: Fantastic Flight and Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast was more than three hours.

If you have children, don’t you feel uncomfortable waiting in line for hours for attractions that only take a few minutes?

Just as I was thinking that Disney Premier Access came along.

What is Disney Premier Access?

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Disney Premier Access is a service that allows you to reserve a ride time for attractions through the app after entering the park.

With Disney Premier Access, guests will be able to ride popular attractions that require hours in line with less wait time.

This service is a great option for guests who want to plan their day.

Attractions with Disney Premier Access

At this current stage, Disney Premier Access appears to be available at the most popular attractions at Disneyland and Sea.

Attractions with Disney Premier Access
  • Tokyo Disneyland: Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast
  • Tokyo DisneySea: Soaring: Fantastic Flight

Nice to go to DisneySea and be promised a ride on Soarin’!

Price of Disney Premier Access

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Previously, the Standby Pass was free, but Disney Premier Access will be charged.

Disney Premier Access Prices

JPY2,000 per person per time

Whether 2,000 yen is cheap or expensive depends on the value of each guest’s time.

I think it is more affordable than the Fastpasses included in the vacation package.

So, my personal opinion is in favor of Disney Premier Access.

The Future of Disney Premier Access

An artist concept of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo Disney Sea

At this time, there are two attractions where Disney Premier Access is available, but I expect this number to increase in the future.

As for the fee, it is currently set at 2,000 yen, but it may change in the future depending on the number of guests and the time of year.

If Disney Premier Access is also available at Fantasy Springs, a new area at Tokyo DisneySea, it is likely that many guests will want to buy it.


I shared about Disney Premier Access to be launched at Tokyo Disneyland and Sea.

There is a saying, “Time is money.”

Now that I no longer have an annual passport and can’t visit as often as I used to, I am all for being able to ride as many attractions as possible.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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