Disney Resort Line Day Pass Design for July 2022

Ticket vending machine at the Resort Gateway Station on the Disney Resort Line, Tokyo DIsney Resort

When visiting Tokyo DisneySea, most people ride the Disney Resort Line.

Resort Line 1-Day Passes have different illustrations depending on the season and park events.

Although disposable, the cards have cute designs and are even collectible.

In this article, I looked into the design of the Disney Resort Line Day Pass for July 2022.

Resort Line Day Pass for July 2022

There are nine different day pass designs for July 2022.

Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary

The Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary design has been on sale since September 4, 2021.

With the grand finale of the 20th Anniversary event, Mickey & Friends day passes were also available again.

Duffy & Friends

You can also purchase a Day Pass with a Duffy & Friends design.

The illustration is from the “Tasty Summer Surprise” event that began in June.

Mickey’s Magical Music World

The above designs were all related to Tokyo DisneySea, but Tokyo Disneyland’s are also available.

New Fantasyland opened at Disneyland in September 2020.

Mickey’s Magical Music World” is now playing at the Fantasy Forest Theater in the area.

Day passes with “Mickey’s Magical Music World” design were introduced on July 1.

Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel

The Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel just opened on April 5, 2022.

There is also a Day Pass to mark the hotel’s opening.

I have posted a review of my stay at the Toy Story Hotel in five articles.

Check it out if you like.


The Resort Line is essential for getting around Tokyo Disney Resort.

I have introduced the design of the Day Pass you can buy in July 2022.

For more information about the Disney Resort Line, please refer to my previous article.

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