Review of DisneySea’s New Night Show with Vacation Package

“The new nighttime entertainment “Believe! Sea of Dreams” started at Tokyo DisneySea on November 11, 2022.

I was quite excited at the time of rehearsal and wanted to be in the best position to see it for the first time.

Then, I booked a vacation package that included tickets to see the night show.

I saw the show the other day at the viewing seats for the vacation package, and I would like to share my review with you.

What is “Believe! Sea of Dreams”?

Believe! Sea of Dreams” is a new nighttime entertainment that started at Tokyo DisneySea in November 2022.

The new show “Believe! Sea of Dreams” at Tokyo DisneySea combines a harbor show and projection mapping to create a 360-degree stage that surrounds the Mediterranean Harbor.

It is a unique concept.

Projection Mapping, Tokyo DisneySea, Believe! Sea of Dreams

My family was lucky enough to see the rehearsal scene when we stayed at MiraCosta last August.

When I posted that video on YouTube, I got a lot of feedback, which made me very happy because I felt the same way.

Why did I Choose a Vacation Package?

We decided to include the new nighttime entertainment “Believe! Sea of Dream” as part of our vacation package for two reasons.

First, as I mentioned before, we wanted to see it from the best possible spot.

Second, due to the many negative comments, we saw on social media after the premiere of the show.

Since we have kids, it’s impossible for us to reserve a spot 5 hours before the show, and we wanted to have peace of mind and see the show safely.

The vacation package includes “Believe! Sea of Dreams” tickets, as well as attraction tickets and free drink service.

What comes with your vacation package (in the case of 2 days and 1 night)
  • Park tickets for 2 days
  • Hotel Accommodation (1 night at Disney Hotel)
  • 4 show tickets (2 for Tokyo Disneyland and 2 for Sea)
  • 4 tickets to use attractions (2 for Tokyo Disneyland and 2 for Sea)
  • Restaurant tickets (1 meal)
  • Free drink tickets for 2 days
  • Popcorn voucher (for 1 regular box)
  • Original gifts

With all these coupons included, the plan costs about 250,000 Japanese yen.

It may sound expensive, but it was the smoothest schedule among all the Tokyo Disney Resort trips I have ever taken.

I will focus on the night show experience, but the vacation package was really great.

I’ll share my thoughts on the vacation package again.

Viewing Area for Vacation Packages

There are four types of viewing areas for “Believe! Sea of Dreams” vacation packages.

“Believe! Sea of Dreams” viewing area for vacation packages
  • Harborside Terrace
  • A: Next to the Transit Steamer Line boarding area (In front of Zambini Brothers Ristorante)
  • B: Piazza Topolino
  • C: Lido Isle

At the time I made my reservation, the most popular place, Harborside Terrace, was already on the waiting list.

So I turned my attention to the Lido Isle.

Lido Isle

In the regular Harbor Show, the Lido Isle is where the barge with the characters on it comes closest.

I persisted until the last minute to see if there were any cancellations for Harborside Terrace, but there were none.

The coupon was sent to me about a week before my trip.

The coupon included the seating numbers for the show, but we would not know the exact location until we got there.

With a sense of excitement and anxiety, we welcomed the day of our departure.

Review of seeing “Believe! Sea of Dreams” from Lido Isle

Lido Isle gets a lot of word-of-mouth about the fence being a concern for daytime shows, but we were the lucky ones.

The viewing location was the 11th row from the front, but it was just at the stairs, so we didn’t have to worry about the fence even though we were seated.

From our seats, we had a good view of the volcano projection mapping.

The projection mapping to Hotel MiraCosta could not be seen unless you put your body at an angle.

The images projected on the sides of the barge were clearly visible, but in the 11th row, the characters were too far away to see what was going on.

But when my favorite songs “I see the light” and “Remember Me” were played, I was moved to the point of shaking.

This meant that although we could not see the phenomena taking place on the barge, we could feel the great power of the show taking place throughout the harbor.

This sense of realism would not have been felt had it not been for the viewing area for the vacation package.

I have no complaints, as I was able to see the entire Harbor, but I thought it was impossible to grasp all of “Believe!” in just one viewing, I found it impossible to grasp everything.

However, the time savings from the vacation package was obvious.

While everyone else was grabbing a spot to watch the show a few hours before the show started, we were able to enjoy the attractions with plenty of time to spare.

If I had the budget, I would like to experience viewing from a different area with a vacation package.


In this article, I would like to share with you Tokyo DisneySea’s new nighttime entertainment, “Believe! Sea of Dreams” with our Vacation Package.

We stayed at the Toy Story Hotel for this plan, but you can check out our stay review if you like.

    I’ll share my thoughts on the entire vacation package in a separate post!

    Thanks for reading to the end.

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