5 Reasons Why I Recommend Agrabah Marketplace in Tokyo Disney Sea

Mickey and Minnie glassware and sign board of Agrabah Marketplace

There are many souvenir shops in Tokyo Disney Sea, and it’s hard to know where you should enter. If you have enough time to for shopping, you may go around each shop one by one. However, if you don’t have time, you’ll be glad to know where you can buy souvenir quickly. Today I want to share the best shop for busy people, the Agrabah Marketplace in Tokyo Disney Sea.

Agrabah Marketplace entrance

Why Agrabah Marketplace

Agrabah Marketplace is at the Arabian Coast in Tokyo Disney Sea. The store is named after the music “Agrabah Marketplace, ” written by the Disney music legend, Alan Menken. This music appeared in Alladin, and many people should recognize the song if they hear it.

There is a lovely story about this store. When Genie created Arabian Coast, he made this shop for his best friend Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. In it, you’ll find a replica of the hut in Agrabah Aladdin lived in as a boy and Jasmine’s beautiful palatial chamber.

There are five reasons why I recommend this store.

No1. Not crowded

Agabah marketplace store, indoor

Agrabah Marketplace is far from Mediterranean Harbor, where many shops are gathered. Therefore, even in the evening, it’s not so crowded when most other stores become flooded with people getting souvenirs just before they leave. The shopping experience is definitely better.

No2. Not too big

Agrabah Marketplace is not too large. When you enter a bigger shop, you will be wandering around the store, trying to find the product you desire unless you know where things are. There are just too many options, and your time will be short with many attractions you have to ride, your restaurant reservations, and show/parade schedules. Agrabah Marketplace is the best scale in this sense. You can find many popular souvenirs of Tokyo Disney Sea (e.g., Chocolate crunch, key holders, small bags, and magic goods), and the store is small enough to look around in about 10 minutes. You will never miss what you want to buy.

No3. Fine products

Mickey and Minnie glasswares in agrabah marketplace

Agrabah Marketplace is an only shop that treats glassworks in Tokyo Disney Sea. You can order your original products, including your name and date. A product with his or her name on it would be a great gift.

Magic lamp glassware

No4. Chandu goods

Sindbad and Chandu on a ship from Singbad's Storybook Voyage

Do you know Chandu? Chandu is a tiger cub, and you can find him in the popular attraction, Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage. You can meet him only in Tokyo Disney Sea. Chandu is very popular from the child to the elderly, and he has a corner in Agrabah Marketplace for himself.

Chandu merchandises in Arabian coast

No5. Magic shows

Magic goods sold in agrabah marketplace

You’ll find some magic goods in Agrabah Marketplace. A cast member sometimes plays a magic show, demonstrating how to use these products. Agrabah Marketplace is the only shop that has Magic items in Tokyo Disney Sea. There is another magic shop in Tokyo Disneyland. 


The entrance of agrabah marketplace in Arabian caost

Agrabah Marketplace is compact but well-stocked and suitable for shopping. If you like Aladdin, you’ll love it. You can immerse yourself in the world of the movie. If you visit Tokyo Disney Sea, you must try Agrabah Marketplace. You can find a memorizable gift. 

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