Pixar Movie “Buzz Lightyear” at Disney Flagship Tokyo

The Pixar movie “Buzz Lightyear” will finally be in theaters on July 1, 2022.

Special goods are now available at Disney Flagship Tokyo to celebrate the movie.

I would like to talk about the “Buzz Lightyear” items at Disney’s Flagship Tokyo.

What is Disney Flagship Tokyo?

Mickey Mouse Statue, Fantasia, Disney Store, Disney Flagship Tokyo, Shinjuku

Disney Flagship Tokyo is the largest Disney Store in Japan, located in Shinjuku.

It’s a special store that differs from ordinary Disney Stores in both product lineup and display.

For more information about Flagship Tokyo, please see the following article.

Goods from the Pixar Movie “Buzz Lightyear”

Sox, the cat-shaped robot from the movie is a plush toy. 

The legs of the plush can be moved to posture.

Buzz Lightyear goods have been produced in collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

These products actually use images taken in space by the asteroid probe Hayabusa2!

So they are very realistic and very cool items.

Full list of products in collaboration with JAXA

A variety of products have been released from the Buzz Lightyear films.

The design is suitable for both children and adults.

Toy Story products were featured prominently on the second floor of Flagship Tokyo.

Buzz Lightyear products were cool, while Toy Story products were rather cute.

The second floor of Disney Flagship Tokyo has a children’s toy corner.

Usually, there are not so many Toy Story items in this corner, but now there are a variety of products.

Special exhibition of the Pixar Movie “Buzz Lightyear”

One of the unique features of the Disney Flagship Tokyo is its event space.

In the event space, there was a special exhibition of the movie “Buzz Lightyear” for a limited time.

The special exhibition runs from June 24 to July 18.

Gift from the Disney Store

The Disney Store is currently running a campaign where you can get a “Buzz Lightyear” sticker with your purchase.


I introduced the goods of the Pixar Movie “Buzz Lightyear” at Disney Flagship Tokyo.

I was especially interested in the products collaborated with JAXA.

The pictures of planets taken by Hayabusa2 were actually very beautiful.

Can’t wait for the movie to come out on July 1!

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