6 Niche Gift Shops in Tokyo Disneyland That Sells Surprising Souvenirs

The attractions, the shows, and the parades in Tokyo Disneyland are all wonderful, and most people will be more than satisfied just with that. However, shopping in TDL is also an exciting and inspiring experience. Merchandises in TDL are very well designed, and you will love just walking through the shops.

Some souvenirs are very common, and many stores across the park have the same item. On the other hand, there are some niche stores that have merchandise that can be found only in that store. In this article, I’d like to share such niche gift shops that sell merchandise that may surprise you.

Harrington’s Jewelry & Watches

This store is located in the World Bazaar and is the only shop in Tokyo Disneyland where you can find jewelry. Some of the jewels in this store are real gold, pearl, and diamonds, and the price goes up to a few thousand dollars. However, this store may be the only place in the world where you can find a Mickey-shaped pearl necklace! The design of the jewels are all elegant, and you can wear them outside the Parks. It might be a present suitable for a person important to you.

The Home Store

This store sells various Disney designed interiors. I dream of filling my home with Disney’s interiors, and I can obtain everything I need in this store. If you are looking for a practical souvenir to illuminate your everyday life, I’m sure you can find something here. 

Magic Shop

This store is a specialty store of magic goods. When you get inside the store, there is a mysterious atmosphere with the lighting dark and the temperature chilly. The store sells not only Disney official magic goods but also non-Disney goods as well. However, I was surprised by the wide variety of Disney Magic Goods. If you are worried about using these goods, ask a cast member in the shop, and they will be happy to teach you. Also, if you’re lucky, you can watch a professional magician’s magic show in front of this store.

La Petite Parfumerie

This Disney perfumery is located in Adventureland and is very difficult to find. Most people come home from TDL, not even knowing the existence of such a shop. The exterior of this shop is adorable, and once you enter this shop, an exquisite flavor comes into your nose. You can find perfumes featuring various Disney characters here. You can also buy soaps, room sprays, bath salts, hand creams, and many other items girls will love.

Western Wear

“Western Wear” is a leather product store. Their main customers are cowboys and gold miners of the Westernland who buys leather boots, hats, and gun holders. They also sell fantastic leather-made clothing, bags, key holders, and pass cases to tourists. If you are looking for leather products, Western Wear is the best.

Crystal Arts

“Crystal Arts” is a glass craft shop. You can ask to put your name and date on the glasswares, and a glass artisan will engrave the words right in front of you. Named glass pens and glass photo frames are popular gifts. If you are buying something for a memorial, glass slippers or a glass dome of rose with names and dates can be a fancy choice. By the way, there is another glass craft shop under the Cinderella castle called “The Glass Slipper,” but as of September 2020, this shop is temporarily closed.


Not only attraction but shopping is also fun in Tokyo Disney Resort. There are many items that you can buy only there. In this post, I shared rare shops in Tokyo Disneyland. If you’re tired of the usual souvenirs, you must check it.

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