8 Hidden Mickeys in Toon Town

Do you know hidden Mickey? Hidden Mickey is a representation of Mickey Mouse that can be found at several places across the parks. They may be inserted in the attractions’ design, or they may be found on the walls which seem like just a rock. Hidden Mickey is usually hidden carefully, so 99% of the people who walk by don’t realize it. If you find one in the parks, you will surely feel lucky for the day!

In Tokyo Disneyland, Toon Town is the place where you can find hidden Mickey the most. I don’t know the exact number, but at least there are more than a dozen hidden Mickeys just in this area. In this post, I will introduce 8 Hidden Mickey in Toon Town as a quiz. The answers can be found on the next page.

OK, lets go on!

Hidden Mickey Quiz


The first three are the easy ones. One from the carpet of the new greeting facility, “Minnies Style Studio”, and two on Mickey’s red car, stopped outside “Mickey Mouse’s House”.


Here are the location of the above three.


The next two are slightly more difficult. One is from a very small door near the Firework Factory. The other is a photo of Mickey Avenue I took from near “Gadget’s Go-Coaster”.


Here are the location I took the above two photos.


These three are really difficult. The first one is the same car I showed earlier. There is a hidden Mickey on the tire, but that’s not the answer. The second one is from “Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin”. Look carefully at the wall. The third one is from the fire department next to the firework factory. There are two hidden Mickeys here.


Here are the location of the last three hidden Mickeys.

Three more location of Hidden Mickey in Toontown


That’s all for today. How many hidden Mickeys did you find? I have more photos of hidden Mickey in Tokyo Disney Resort and I’m planning to write more articles on this topic. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the quiz.

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