Open Spring 2024, Fantasy Springs Attraction Names Revealed

Fantasy Springs, a new theme port at Tokyo DisneySea, will open in the spring of 2024.

The names of each area, attraction, and restaurant at Fantasy Springs have been announced!

This article will predict Fantasy Springs based on information released on August 24.

What is Fantasy Springs?

Fantasy Springs is a themed port that will open at Tokyo DisneySea in 2024.

Tokyo DisneySea draws inspiration from maritime stories and legends, with each area referred to as a “theme port.”

This is a long-awaited new area, although it was delayed one year from the original opening date.

On the official YouTube channel of Tokyo Disney Resort, there is a video of the site shot by a drone.

I sometimes watch the construction from the Resort Line, and I am very much looking forward to its opening.

Fantasy Springs consists of three areas and a hotel.

Let’s take a closer look at Fantasy Springs!

Frozen Kingdom (the Frozen-themed area)

Frozen Kingdom is an area themed after the Disney movie Frozen.

AttractionAnna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey
TypeWater Ride
DurationAbout 6.5 minutes
DescriptionGuests can experience the world of the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Frozen aboard a boat while enjoying an epic and heartwarming story of two sisters that discover only true love can thaw a frozen heart. The attraction also features the film’s well-known songs.
RestaurantRoyal Banquet of Arendelle
TypeCounter Service
DescriptionThis counter-service restaurant is located inside Arendelle Castle. Guests can enjoy a meal in the three indoor dining areas reminiscent of scenes from the film or dine in a covered outdoor dining area with views of the fjord cliffs and mountains in the distance.
Small Snack ShopOaken’s OK Foods
TypeCounter Service
DescriptionThis delightful counter-service restaurant, run by Oaken, the owner of the trading post and sauna featured in the film, serves delicious food to hungry visitors to the Kingdom of Arendelle.

This delightful counter-service restaurant, run by Oaken, the owner of the trading post and sauna featured in the film, serves delicious food to hungry visitors to the Kingdom of Arendelle.

Frozen Kingdom has one attraction, Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey.

The type of attraction is a water ride, so it would be similar to Epcot’s Frozen Ever After.

Frozen Kingdom has two restaurants.

The first restaurant is Allendale Royal Banquet.

I was surprised to learn that it is a counter-service restaurant.

Since the story is that the restaurant is located in a castle, I had mistakenly thought it was table service.

The second restaurant is Oaken’s OK Foods.

This is a small snack food restaurant.

Snack food fits perfectly with the character of Oaken, don’t you think?

Peter Pan’s Neverland

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Peter Pan’s Neverland is an area themed on the Disney movie Peter Pan.

AttractionPeter Pan’s Never Land Adventure
DurationAbout 6 minutes
DescriptionGuests join the Lost Kids, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell on an epic adventure through Never Land to rescue John from Captain Hook and his pirates. By boarding a boat and wearing goggles, guests will be able to enjoy this attraction in 3D. - For safety reasons, this attraction has a minimum height requirement (102 cm).
RestaurantLookout Cookout
TypeCounter Service
DescriptionCreated by the Lost Kids, this counter-service restaurant also serves as their hideout where they have incorporated parts of shipwrecks and other items that have washed ashore in Never Land into the decor.
AttractionFairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies
DurationAbout 2 minutes
DescriptionGuests help Tinker Bell as she starts her new delivery service in Pixie Hollow, while visiting four seasonal locations to deliver various packages and parcels to the fairies.

There are two attractions in the Peter Pan area.

The Peter Pan’s Neverland Adventure is an thrill ride that is bound to be extremely popular.

This is an attraction where you wear goggles and enjoy 3D.

Watch out for the height limit (102cm).

Tokyo DisneySea attractions with height restrictions are as follows.

Tokyo DisneySea attractions with height restrictions (as of 2023)

90cm or taller

  • Nemo & Friends SeaRider
  • Flounder’s Frying Fish Coaster

102cm or taller

  • Soaring: Fantastic Flight
  • Tower of Terror

117cm or taller

  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
  • Raging Spirits
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth

The second attraction is Tinkerbell’s Busy Buggies.

The duration of the experience is short, about 2 minutes, so we expect the attraction to have a high turnover rate.

It will be popular with kids who love Tinkerbell.

The Peter Pan area has one counter-service restaurant, Lookout Cookout.

We look forward to seeing the atmosphere inside the restaurant, where the wreckage of the ship and other castaways are used as building materials.

Rapunzel’s Forest

Rapunzel’s Forest is an area themed on the Disney movie Tangled.

AttractionRapunzel’s Lantern Festival
TypeWater Ride
DurationAbout 5 minutes
DescriptionGuests can take a romantic boat trip to the annual Lantern Festival and visit various locations featured in the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Tangled while experiencing Rapunzel's “best day ever” as she falls in love with Flynn Rider.
RestaurantThe Snuggly Duckling
TypeCounter Service
DescriptionThis counter-service restaurant is themed to the tavern where the local rough-and-tumble crowd gather in the Walt Disney Animation Studios film, Tangled. Guests can enjoy a meal in a variety of atmospheric dining areas.

Rapunzel’s area has one attraction.

Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival is the attraction I personally look forward to the most.

I can’t wait to experience the most fantastic scene in “Tangled.”

If you go at night, you will be in a romantic mood.

Snuggly Duckling is another restaurant I am very interested in.

It is a counter-service restaurant, but what kind of food does it offer?

Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel

There is a sixth official Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel opening in Fantasy Springs.

Like MiraCosta, Fantasy Springs Hotel is located within the park.

HotelTokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel
Structure9 floors
Number of Guest Rooms475 rooms (Fantasy Chateau: 419 rooms / Grand Chateau: 56 rooms)
Dining FacilitiesFantasy Springs Restaurant (buffet service)
Grand Paradis Lounge (lobby lounge)
La Libellule (table service)
DescriptionSituated near the magical springs in Fantasy Springs, this Disney hotel offers an immersive accommodation experience at the Resort where guests can enjoy the atmosphere of the Park.

There are only 56 Grand Chateau rooms, which are the highest class of rooms at Tokyo Disney Resort.

The room rate is just my personal estimate, but I suspect it will be more than $1500 per room.

That being the case, I am also interested in the options for staying in these rooms.

I don’t think Disney fans will be satisfied with just luxury.

If we were to compete on scenery, I think MiraCosta would win.

Fantasy Chateau is a deluxe-type room.

I personally expect off-season room rates to start at $500.

The rooms are decorated in the motif of Fantasy Springs.

In my image, it is like a more mature version of the Tinkerbell Room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

The Fantasy Springs Hotel has three restaurants in the hotel.

The one I am interested in is La Libellule, a restaurant exclusive to Grand Chateau guests.

Definitely, only course meals are available.

I think a course meal would be exquisite and would cost no less than $70 for lunch.


Fantasy Springs is a new area that will open at Tokyo DisneySea in the spring of 2024.

We have introduced details of the attractions, restaurants and hotels.

This will be the first new area at Tokyo Disney Resort since New Fantasyland opened in 2020.

Some information have not been released yet, so as soon as I get more information, I will share it on my blog!

Thanks for reading to the end.

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