Afternoon Tea at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Tokyo Disney Resort is such an exhilarant theme park, but maybe you would like to forget the hustle and bustle and have a relaxing time on your vacation. This post should be useful for such a person!

Like in many major cities globally, there are many first-class hotels in Tokyo that serve afternoon tea in their lobby lounge. If you go there, you’ll have a nice cup of tea in luxurious surroundings. You may think this article isn’t related to Disney, but you can experience an afternoon tea in Tokyo Disney Resort too.

If you are seeking a graceful time in Tokyo Disney Resort, having an afternoon tea in the “Dreamers Lounge” is a great choice.

Lobby of Tokyo DIsneyland Hotel


Dreamers Lounge is on the 3rd floor of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. Enter the hotel’s main entrance, go up the stairs in front of you, and you will see the lobby area. The Dreamers Lounge is on the left-hand side.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Menus and Price

Restaurants in Tokyo Disney Resort has a menu board in front of the building or the reception. The picture below is the one found in front of the Dreamers Lounge, presenting the lunch menu. You will find a menu written in English too.

A menu board of Dreamers Lounge

You can check the whole menu on the official site, but that’s only Japanese. You can find some of the translations below.

  • Lunch
    • Summer afternoon tea set $43
    • Teriyaki cheese and egg burger $17
    • Roasted chicken and tartar baguette sandwiches $17
    • Spaghetti Bolognese $17
    • Spaghetti with tomato sauce and colored vegetables $17
    • Seasonal soup $10
    • Child plate (spaghetti bolognese, egg sandwich and corn soup) $13
  • Dinner
    • Summer pasta set $43
    • Green salad with smoked salmon and chicken $18
    • Green salad with smoked salmon $15
    • Roasted chicken with green salad $15
    • Grilled potatoes and bacon with cheddar cheese $11
    • Teriyaki cheese and egg burger $17
    • Roasted chicken and tartar baguette sandwiches $17
    • Corn Risotto with duck confit and vegetable spicy tomato sauce $19
    • Spaghetti Bolognese $17
    • Spaghetti with tomato sauce and colored vegetables $17
    • Seasonal soup $10
    • Child plate (spaghetti bolognese, egg sandwich and corn soup) $13
  • Sweets
    • Ice cream (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and green tea) $7
    • Cake set with coffee or tea $14
  • Cocktail
    • Dreamers Lounge Original Non-Alcoholic Cocktail $13
    • Dreamers Lounge Original Cocktail $12
  • Premium Tea Selection $15 each
    • Assam Flowery Orange Pekoe
    • Darjeeling Summer
    • Queens Tea
    • Splendid Earl Grey
    • Mango Dream
    • Strawberry Field
    • Irish Whiskey Cream
    • Rooibos Caramel 

The price is similar to luxury hotels in Tokyo. However, you may be surprised because they don’t take service fees, and the tax is included in the price, meaning that you only have to pay for what you see on the menu. Also, you don’t need to worry about tipping too.

Afternoon Tea Set

I ordered the Summer Afternoon Tea Set, the most popular menu in Dreamers Lounge, and Dreamers Lounge Original Non-Alcoholic Cocktail.

Table cutlery of Dreamers Lounge

An odd-looking teapot was brought in front of me, which they called the “Sleeping Pot”. I had never seen such a teapot, and the cast member explained how to use it.

Tilting teapot in Dreamers Lounge

First, let the teapot lie and wait for 3 minutes.

Tilting teapot in Dreamers Lounge

Second, let the teapot tilt to drain the tea leaves.

Tilting teapot in Dreamers Lounge

Finally, let the teapot wake up and the tea is ready to be served.

This teapot was called “Sleeping Pot” from the hotel’s cast members, but the official name is “Tilting Pot.” I had thought this teapot was an original product of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. However, I tried to search for it and found it. This “Tilting Teapot” is made by Ronnefeldt, an English tea shop.

If you order the Summer Afternoon Tea, you can select a tea from the premium tea selection (8 kinds), and refilling is for free. My choice was Queens Tea, the most recommended of that day. This tea will help you forget the hustle and bustle and regain your composure. I ordered refillings twice.

After enjoying tea, I ate a cold potage made from carrots and paprika. Although the soup was served in a small dose, it had a rich taste and was very satisfying. Then, a three-tiered tea stand was brought in.

Tea stand of Dreamers Lounge

From the top, cake plate, scone plate, sandwiches&hors oeuvre plate. A cast member explains each of them briefly.

A cast member advised me to eat scone while it is warm. There were two kinds of scone served with clotted cream and chocolate sauce. First, I ate the plain scone with clotted cream. The scone was warm and fluffy and gently sweet. The other scone, the black one, looks like it’s made of chocolate. But no, it was made of sesame and cocoa powder. I ate this scone with chocolate sauce. I have never tried the combination of sesame and chocolate, but it was excellent.

Scones of Dreamers Lounge

Then, I ate sandwiches&hors oeuvre plate. The tart flambé in the foreground was delicious. The tomato juleps in the glassware were refreshing and delicious.

Sandwiches & hors oeuvre in Dreamers Lounge

Now the dessert plate. A chocolate muffin with “Mochi,” the cat from Big Hero 6, was so cute. Also in the glassware was a fig mousse with prosciutto. The combination of sweetness and saltiness was perfect.

Muffin with chocolate chips in Dreamers Lounge

Commonly, only one dessert plate is served in hotel afternoon tea sets, but there is another dessert plate in Tokyo Disneyland Hotel! The last dessert plate was a Baymax dessert.

The main pastries were Matcha Siboost with Kinako Cream. “Kinako” is roasted soybean flour, which is often used in traditional Japanese pastries. Siboost was sanded by “Monaka.” Monaka is like a wafer cake. Baymax on the plate was made from chocolate, and the carp was drawn on an edible sheet.

The Baymax's pastries in Dreamers Lounge
Monaka of Baymax in Dreamers Lounge

You can notice “Baymax” written on the wafer. The wafer was crispy and yummy.

The Dreamers Lounge Original Non-Alcoholic Cocktail was based on soy milk. It was refreshing and delicious.

Dreamers Lounge Original Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

Do You Need Reservations?

The number of seats in Dreamers Lounge is quite limited, so I advise you to make a reservation before your visit. If you have reserved a stay at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, you won’t have any trouble reserving Dreamers Lounge at the front desk. If you don’t stay at Disneyland Hotel, you can book from the Restaurant Reservations website(Dreamers Lounge offers priority seating system). Reservation is available from 1 month in advance, and it is best to make the reservation exactly that day.


There are so many things to do in Tokyo Disney Resort and you may become exhausted if your trip is long. Dreamers Lounge is the perfect place to take a rest and have a luxurious time. Also, you can refresh your feelings with the creativity in this place, like the “Sleeping Pot” and the Baymax plate. Taking into account that they don’t take service fees, I think the afternoon tea set is quite reasonable.

If you are looking for a Restaurant in Disney Hotels there are other great options. Chef Mickey in Tokyo Disneyland Ambassador Hotel is a character dining where you can greet with Mickey and many more Disney characters while dining. Oceano is in Hotel Miracosta, and you can watch the night time water show from the restaurant veranda.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment!

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