Restaurants in Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels

It is important to know where you eat in the Tokyo Disney Resort(TDR).  The restaurants I often go to have good food, good cost performance, and are good for children.

In this article, I would like to introduce the recommended restaurants in the Disney Hotels. Note that these restaurants are welcomed for all guests including non-hotel guests. The hotel restaurants are less crowded than the park restaurants, so it may be a good option if you are visiting the parks on crowded days and you can’t find a table in the parks.

Priority seating system

TDR’s restaurants have a priority seating system. Priority seating means that if you go to a restaurant at a time you have booked in advance, you can enter the restaurant as soon as seats are available. I recommend this system for guests with children.

Serving Style

There are four types of restaurants, classified by serving style.

  • Counter Service
  • Table Service
  • Buffet terrier service
  • Buffet Service

At counter service restaurants, you order the food you want and receive the food at the counter after paying for it. In table service restaurants, you order at your table, and food will be served there. In Buffet terrier service restaurants you put your favorite food on the tray and check out at the cash register.  In Buffet service restaurants you can eat as much food as you like and then check out at the cash register.

Note; Water are served for free. Ask a nearby staff.

Sherwood Garden Restaurant

  • Priority seating
  • Buffet Service
  • Children’s Menus available, Special Dietary Menus available
  • Breakfast: 3,200 Yen~,Lunch: 4,000 Yen~, Dinner: 5,200 Yen~

It’s a buffet-style restaurant, so you have to go get the dishes yourself. There are also lower tables so that children can serve the dishes on their own. There are small dishes for children on the lower table, but of course, adults can use them. I think Sherwood Garden Restaurant is the best among Disney Hotels.


Source:Official website
  • Priority seating
  • Table Service or Buffet Service
  • Children’s Menus available, Special Dietary Menus available
  • Breakfast: 3,200 Yen~,Lunch(Buffet): 4,200 Yen ~,Lunch(course): 5,500 Yen ~, Dinner(Buffet): 5,800 Yen ~, Dinner(Course): 10,700Yen~

Oceano serves Mediterranean food and is the second most delicious restaurant at the Disney Hotels(In my opinion). If you book this restaurant during the show hours, you can watch Disney Sea shows (like Fantasmic) from the terrace. Please note that the areas of the terrace for buffet-style guests and the full-course guests are different.  I recommend the full course. There aren’t so many guests at the full-course area, so you can watch the show very well.

I haven’t written about all the restaurants yet, so I’ll add more about some other restaurants in the future.

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