Limited Time Event Starring Baymax Starting at Tokyo Disneyland

Happy Fair with Baymax Board

In my previous article, I reported the opening of “The Happy Ride with Baymax” in Tomorrowland. Currently, to experience this attraction, you have to win a lottery through an entry request system, but it is trendy among all guests.

Tokyo Disneyland continues to liven up this newly extended area, and they have now announced a new event, “Happy Fair with Baymax.” In this limited-time event, Baymax will take your “Happiness level” to the highest! 

What can we Experience at Happy Fair with Baymax?

This event features Baymax, the charming and funny looking care robot from the Disney animation “Big Hero 6.” Information about the event from the official website is summarized below.

“Happy Fair Labo” an Interactive Photo Location

Baymax Photo location in the event Happy fair with baymax

A photo location, Happy Fair Labo, will be set up at Tomorrowland.

At the photo location, cast members will take pictures of guests. Baymax will greet guests and give them advice on how to smile to collect various smiles that are essential for happiness and health. Cast members will take photos of your smile, and you can purchase the images in a unique photo mount or through Tokyo Disney Resort’s official app.

Unfortunately, due to the Japanese government’s declaration of a state of emergency on January 7, Tokyo Disney Resort has not yet announced the formal starting date of Happy Fair Labo. I will post more details when updates are released, so please look forward to it.

More Baymax Decorations at Tomorrowland

Baymax decoration and Mochi sleeping on a bench

At the opening of the new Baymax attraction in 2020, I’ve introduced that many Baymax decorations were installed in Tomorrowland. Now, it seems that even more are coming. Some of the lighting in Tomorrowland will become lanterns with Baymax’s face on them, and building walls will have Baymax illustrations. When you look around the area carefully, you can also find Mochi, the adorable cat from Big Hero 6.

Event Limited Baymax Goods to be on Sale

New Baymax merchandise will be released. This time, you can make your original Baymax goods. 

Mix Max Pax

“Mix Max Packs” lets you choose a “Mix Max Container” and three snack packs out of three and eight variations, respectively. It is sold in the “Cosmic Encounter” gift shop in Tomorrowland or through the official app at $18.

“Mix Max Packs” official website(Japanese only, but has informative pictures)

My Baymax Hero

The “Treasure Comet” gift shop will start selling “My Baymax Hero.” Guests can choose from several different parts to create their very own Baymax. The store will have a “Hero Armor Station,” where guests can assemble the pieces they have purchased. The hero type of the created Baymax can also be determined with the “Evaluator” that issues you a unique “My Baymax Hero ID” card. The total price, including the Baymax body, the armor parts, and an experience with the “Evaluator”(My Baymax Hero ID card included), is about $50.

“My Baymax Hero” official website(Japanese only, but has informative pictures)

More Goods

Baymax towel, can badge, post card, and other goods sold in Fappy fair with baymax

Also, about 10 commemorative items will be on sale, including washing towels and badges with the fair’s logo. Stores that carry these limited-time goods will require reservations through the official app to enter.

Special Baymax Menus in Several Restaurants

“Tomorrowland Terrace” will offer Baymax burgers with an optional souvenir lunch case. “Plazma Rays Dinner” will have a beef kalbi gukbap with a Baymax rice cake and lots of cheese on it. A Baymax course at “Restaurant Hokusai” will come with a sumptuous bowl of rice topped with seafood and vegetables and a dessert mousse with Baymax’s face on it.

More restaurants will release Baymax inspired menus, and some have already started. 


“Big Hero 6” is one of my favorite Disney movies, so I can’t wait to experience this exciting event. I will also write more details about the special event menus in restaurants, so stay tuned!

You can also learn more about the new Baymax attraction from my review of Happy Ride with Baymax.

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