One of the best playground in Tokyo Disneyland

Swiss Family Treehouse in Tokyo Disneyland

Don’t you think Tokyo Disneyland is crowded everywhere you go?

But that’s not the case. I have found the best-hidden attraction at Tokyo Disneyland that is not crowded.

I have a 4-year-old daughter. She always goes to the Park with me, and she loves the attractions and the shows. However, she complains that the waiting time is too long. When that happens, we will go to the Swiss Family Treehouse. The Tree House is fun for both adults and children. And there’s a good thing in the end. This time I’m going to introduce the Swiss Family Treehouse.

Overview of the Swiss Family Treehouse

Inside the treehouse
  • Adventureland
  • Experiential Attractions
  • No height restrictions

Based on the Swiss Family Robinson, this is a reproduction of the treehouse where the Robinson family lived. The treehouse is 19 meters high. For kids, it’s like a jungle gym, just climbing the stairs makes you feel that you’re on an adventure. Also, it can be good exercise for adults.

Learn how things work from the ingenuity of the Robinson family

Inside the treehouse
Adventure in the Treehouse

At the treehouse, you can see the tools and equipment that the Robinson family used on the tree. My daughter became obsessed with these things that we don’t see in modern life. The tools and equipment have been crafted with the wisdom and ingenuity to live on a tree.

Water wheel in Swiss Family Treehouse | Tokyo Disneyland
The water system in Swiss Family Treehouse

I was also impressed, especially with the water system that supplies water to all parts of the treehouse. Of course, no electricity is used, the water system is powered by the waterwheel in the river streaming beside the great tree. We imagined the life of the Robinson family and our conversation raced on. Swiss Family Robinson is a children’s book, and reading the book before and after the attraction can have a positive effect on your children`s education.

You can take Instagrammable photos!

Beautiful view inside the Swiss Robinson treehouse, Tokyo Disneyland
The food storage inside the treehouse

Because of the extraordinary atmosphere recreating the scenes of Swiss Family Robinson, the Swiss Family Treehouse has so many photogenic spots!

Castles under construction
The castle of Beauty and the Beast taken from the top of the Swiss Family Treehouse

You will have an excellent view of the Park when you get to the top of the treehouse. The photo above is Beauty and the Beast’s castle opening in Tokyo Disneyland in 2020. You can also see Cindellera’s castle and many other attractions from here.

Dining table of the Robinson's in Tokyo Disneyland
Dining table of the Robinson’s

There are also Images taken by the official Disney Resort photographer. It’s Japanese but the photos are beautiful.


In this article, I’ve introduced the best places to visit Tokyo Disneyland. My daughter and I usually go on days when the park is crowded, but the Swiss Family TreeHouse is not so crowded. Sometimes we pass each other from time to time. I was struck by my daughter’s interest in the waterworks. It was good to talk about the difficulty of getting water and the appreciation of the water supply. I also got some great photos at the end. If you get fed up with waiting, how about it?

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