Tokyo Disney Resort’s Balloons Merchandise


The popular balloons at Tokyo Disney Resort are now available as merchandise.

The park has released balloon patterned items in the past, and they were trendy. For example, the balloon keychains that were on sale last year sold out very quickly. They resold it, though, and it sold out again pretty quickly.

The goods released are various tools to help you have a good time at home since stay-home is still ongoing because of COVID-19. So let’s get started with the items in the iconic Tokyo Disneyland & Sea balloon pattern.

What do balloons mean to Tokyo Disney Resort?

Aquasphere and Balloons at Tokyo Disney Sea

At Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, balloons are sold around the entrances or World Bazaar. The balloons stand out when you enter the park, so you can easily find them.

Not only kids but even adults buy balloons because they are Instagram-worthy. When you come to a Disney park, everyone becomes a child again and gets carried away, lol.

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The double-layered balloons with Mickey-shaped balloons inside are available all year round and are very popular.

The standard Mickey-shaped balloons are the design for the new merchandise. The balloons at the park last up to a month, but the merchandise balloons stay inflated forever so that you can enjoy them forever.

Tokyo Disney Resort’s Balloon Goods

I’ll introduce the Tokyo Disney Resort balloon goods in detail. All images are taken from the official website.

The computer accessories are hard to see from the outside, but they have a balloon pattern on the inside. It’s charming and could make your work more fun!

The bucket hat has a sky and balloon design and Mickey Mouse ears. Characters respond to items with ears, so wearing a hat or headband during parades and greetings is a good idea.

The Ear Headband is reversible so that you can enjoy either side of the pattern. But I rather like the one with the embroidered castle and balloons.

The earrings come in four colors, and you can use any combination of colors you like. I think a set of light or dark colors would go well together.

There are also T-shirts and bags. The t-shirts are available in sizes from kids to adults(S~3L) so that the whole family can wear them together.

A plastic bottle case is a summer necessity. If you unbuckle the handle, you can attach it to your stroller or backpack.

The balloon shape bib is cute. I want to give it to my friend who has a baby. It goes well with both boys and girls.

You can fold the gauze blanket with an elastic band. It can be used as a blanket for children on cold days.


I shared some items with balloon patterns that are very popular at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Last year’s balloon keychains sold out immediately, so I’m sure they’ll be popular this time too.

Especially the headband that can also be used on the backside is a great deal because you can enjoy two different designs. Moreover, Work-from-home continues in Japan, so that computer accessories will be helpful at home.

Tokyo Disney Resort balloon goods will go on sale on June 23. So let’s get excited at the park and home with balloon items that will stay inflated forever.

Check out the Disney Light the Night merchandise at Tokyo Disneyland.

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