New Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort June 2023

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Buying merchandise unique to the Disney parks in Japan is one of the fun parts of the trip!

Please take a look at the Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise for June 2023.

Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Dream Go Round

  • Cushion: 5,000yen
  • T-shirt ⚠out of stock: 3,500yen
  • Chocolate Crunch(Upper Left): 1,600yen
  • Assorted Chocolate (Lower Left): 1,700yen
  • Potato Snacks with Clip(Upper Right): 950yen
  • Cookies in a Can (Middle Right): 850yen
  • Rusk (Lower Right): 1,400yen
  • Plush Toy with accessories: 4,500yen
  • Stamps, 5 pcs(Upper Left): 2,200yen
  • Smart Phone Cases(Lower Left, Lower Right): 3,800yen
  • 20 postcards, with a can(Upper Middle): 5,000yen
  • Multicolor Ballpoint Pen(Middle): 1,500yen
  • 3 clear holders, ticket case(Lower Middle): 1,500yen
  • Masking tape, with a tape cutter(Upper Right): 950yen
  • Mini Towel, 3 pieces(Upper Left): 1,900yen
  • Face towel long(Middle Left) ⚠out of stock: 1,700yen
  • Curtains(Lower Left): 11,000yen
  • Glass, 2 pcs(Upper Right): 3,200yen
  • Coasters, 2 pcs(Middle Right): 2,400yen
  • Muddlers, 4 pcs(Middle Right): 2,800yen
  • Tray(Middle Right) ⚠out of stock: 1,800yen
  • Cut cloth, with a patch(Lower Right): 3,000yen

Park Motif Goods

  • Patch badge(Upper): 1,700yen
  • Carabiner case, 2 pieces(Lower): 2,500yen
  • Tissue box cover(Upper Left): 2,400yen
  • Summer Ket(Middle Left): 5,400yen
  • Pillowcases(Lower Left): 2,000yen
  • Cold water bottle(Upper Right): 2,400yen
  • Tumbler, 2 pcs(Middle Right): 2,400yen
  • Cushion(Front): 3,200yen
  • Purse(Upper Left): 850yen
  • Purse, 2pcs(Upper Right): 1,700yen
  • Tote bag(Lower Left): 3,900yen
  • Tote bag(Lower Right): 3,200yen
  • Kitchen timer ⚠out of stock: 3,200yen


  • Fan (Upper): 3,800yen
  • Fan (Lower): 2,200yen

Ear Headband

  • Ear Headband: 1,800 to 2,300 yen


I have introduced the Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise for June 2023.

Please check the official website(Japanese) for the latest information before visiting the Park.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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