Special Events at Tokyo Disney Resort through March 2022

Minnie & Friends Harbor Greeting, Totally Minnie Mouse, Tokyo DisneySea

After the New Year’s holidays, the Disney parks in Japan go through an off-season until the students’ spring vacations.

The off-season is from mid-January to mid-March, but just because there are fewer guests doesn’t mean there are no events.

Even after the New Year’s events are over, there are still events to keep fans happy.

Tokyo Disney Resort is holding a Minnie Mouse-themed event, “Totally Minnie Mouse,” from January 18 to March 30.

In this article, I would like to share about the limited-time special event “Totally Minnie Mouse”.

What is Totally Minnie Mouse?

Totally Minnie Mouse, Special Event, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea
Totally Minnie Mouse (official website)

Totally Minnie Mouse is a limited-time event held at Tokyo Disneyland and Sea.

Totally Minnie Mouse

Period: January 18, 2022 – March 30, 2022
Location: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea
Contents: Entertainment programs, merchandise sales, food, Resort Line Free Ticket, etc.

The event will be held for the first time in almost two years since the Disney parks in Japan were forced to close due to the coronavirus.

A Totally Minnie Mouse special movie is now available on youtube.

At Totally Minnie Mouse, you can enjoy entertainment programs, goods, and special menus at restaurants with Minnie Mouse as the main character.

Two years ago, there was an event called “Very Very Minnie”, but it ended halfway through the event because the park was closed due to the coronavirus, so this event was meant to be revenge.

Totally Minnie Mouse Entertainment Program

Minnie & Friends Harbor Greeting, Totally Minnie Mouse, Tokyo DisneySea
Minnie & Friends Harbor Greeting: Totally Minnie Mouse, Tokyo DisneySea

At Totally Minnie Mouse, there will be a greeting parade (a parade with no dancers).

You can see the greeting at the parade route at Tokyo Disneyland and at the Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo DisneySea.

The event is divided into three periods, each with a different presentation, which will make fans want to come back again and again.

Three periods of Totally Minnie Mouse

First period: January 18 to February 13, 2022
Second period: February 14 ~ March 1, 2022
Third period: March 2 ~ March 30, 2022

Minnie Mouse will appear in costumes from past shows, which will be nostalgic and delightful for enthusiastic Minnie fans.

Totally Minnie Mouse Merchandise

Totally Minnie Mouse, Almond Chocolate Bar, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea

Minnie Mouse is known for her dotted dresses.

The “Totally Minnie Mouse” event will have very cute goods available, including dotted patterns and heart patterns.

There’s also a stuffed Minnie Mouse wearing a costume from a past show.

For Japanese fans, items with Minnie Mouse photos printed on them are especially popular.

Totally Minnie Mouse merchandise using the photos will also sell out quickly.

You can check out all the Totally Minnie Mouse merchandise at the following URL, although it is in Japanese.


Totally Minnie Mouse Special Menu

Totally Minnie Mouse Special Menu, Tokyo Disneyland
Totally Minnie Mouse Special Menu, Tokyo Disneyland (official website)

Tokyo Disneyland restaurants have released a new menu for the Totally Minnie Mouse event.

The cute Minnie Mouse-inspired desserts are also very Instagram-worthy.

Some restaurants require advance reservations through the Priority Seating system.

Restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland
  • Center Street Coffee House (reservations required)
  • Polynesian Terrace Restaurant (reservations required)
  • Refreshment Corner

You can check out Totally Minnie Mouse’s special menu at the URL below.


Totally Minnie Mouse Food with Souvenirs

Totally Minnie Mouse Souvenir Lunch Case, Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland
Totally Minnie Mouse Souvenir Lunch Case, Tokyo DisneySea

At the Disney parks in Japan, souvenirs can be added to some meals for an additional fee.

Souvenir items are very popular because they are special goods that you cannot buy in the stores, such as lunch cases, drink bottles, and plates.

Totally Minnie Mouse souvenir goods are made with Minnie Mouse pictures and dot patterns, and they are so cute that you’ll want to have them all.

Please note that not all restaurants carry souvenir goods.

Restaurants where you can buy souvenirs

Tokyo Disneyland
・Refreshment Corner
・Sweetheart Cafe
・Captain Hook’s Galley
・Tomorrowland Terrace
・Camp Woodchuck Kitchen

Tokyo DisneySea
・New York Deli
・Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery
・Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen
・Gondolier Snacks
・Zambini Brothers Ristorante
・Yucatan Base Camp Grill
・Sultan’s Oasis
・Cafe Portofino
・Casbah Food Court
・Volcania Restaurant

I bought a Minnie Mouse lunch case at Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery.

You can check out the Totally Minnie Mouse Special Menu with Souvenirs at the URL below.


Totally Minnie Mouse Resort Line Ticket

Totally Minnie Mouse's Resort Line 1-Day Pass, Disney Resort Line, Tokyo Disney Resort
Totally Minnie Mouse’s Resort Line 1-Day Pass (official website)

The Resort Line 1-Day Pass with the “Totally Minnie Mouse” design has also gone on sale.

Resort Line tickets change their designs with the seasons and events, so there are collectors.

You can check out the current designs available for purchase at the following URL.


Totally Minnie Mouse Souvenir Medal

Totally Minnie Mouse Souvenir Medal

Totally Minnie Mouse-designed medals are also now available.

Souvenir medals can be purchased for 100 yen (one coin), and the designs change with the seasons and events, so I collect them as mementos.

At Tokyo Disney Resort, you can buy souvenir medals not only at the parks but also at hotels and Resort Line stations.

If you have time, it would be interesting to check out the medal machines.


I shared about Tokyo Disney Resort’s special event “Totally Minnie Mouse”.

It’s a short event until the end of March, but the greetings will change three times at each park, so fans shouldn’t miss it.

My only regret is that we will not be able to see the event decorations in the park.

However, as a fan, I appreciate the fact that they planned the event while also taking measures against infectious diseases.

Since the coronavirus is spreading in Japan, it is difficult to visit the park, but I will continue to share the latest information.

If you love Minnie Mouse, you may also want to check out my review of the Minnie Mouse Room at the Disney Ambassador Hotel.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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