New Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort June 2022

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June 30, 2022; added photos of new goods.

I would like to introduce some new merchandise coming to Tokyo Disney Resort in June 2022.

Donald Duck’s Birthday Items

June 9 was Donald Duck’s birthday!

Bon Voyage had a section of Donald Duck merchandise.

New Item “SuiSui Summer”

  • Cushion: 3,200 yen

The new item “SuiSui Summer” was available on June 9!

Chip ‘ n’ Dale wearing sunglasses was irresistibly cute.

  • Plush badge: ¥2,300
  • Aloha shirt: ¥3,300-¥3,900
  • Hat: ¥2,900
  • Earrings: 1,900 yen
  • Key chain: 1,900 yen
  • Pin badge set: 2,400 yen
  • Can badge: 350 yen
  • Tote bag: 3,800 yen
  • Smartphone case: 2,500 yen
  • PET bottle case: 1,800 yen
  • Pouch: 850 yen
  • SuiSui Summer Headband: 1,800 yen

The SuiSui Summer headband was released on the same day as the It’s a Small World headband.

It was not as popular as the It’s a Small World headband, but many guests picked it up and looked at it.

New Park Food Container Design

  • Storage box: 2,200 yen

This item has the same pattern as the Park Food container.

Previously available in red and pink, this item was a favorite of Disney food lovers.

  • Plate: 1,100 yen
  • Tumbler: 1,100 yen
  • Kitchen cloth set: 1,400 yen
  • Tray: 1,900 yen
  • Face towel: 1,500 yen
  • Mini towel: 680 yen
  • Bandana: 1,000 yen
  • Mask case & Masks: 1,200 yen

This towel has an applique of chocolate mint ice cream that you must eat at Disneyland.

It makes you want to eat ice cream lol.

Imagining the Magic by Mika Ninagawa

  • Memo: 1,000 yen
  • Postcard set: 500 yen
  • Clear holder: 400 yen
  • Collection card: 800 yen
  • Can badge set: 1,000 yen
  • Key chain: 1,900 yen
  • Smartphone case: 3,800 yen

A new item featuring a photo especially popular among Japanese Disney fans is now available.

These goods are printed with photographs taken by photographer Mika Ninagawa.

  • Tote bag: 5,900 yen

Tote bag with a photo of Minnie’s Style Studio printed on it.

The large capacity makes it convenient to easily put away a camera or plush toy.

  • Wall pockets: 3,800 yen

Wall pocket with many photos from Minnie’s style studio.

Fans will love seeing so many pictures of Minnie Mouse.

  • Mini towel set: 2,500 yen

Mini Towel with a cute camera-eye view of Minnie Mouse.

  • Bath towel: 7,500 yen

Bath towel with a full-body photo of Minnie Mouse.

  • Cushion: 3,200 yen

Cushions with different patterns on the back and front.

When I went to Bon Voyage, many guests were buying these cushions.

  • Tray: 2,000 yen

The Minnie Mouse picture is so cute, it seems a shame to use this tray.

  • Drawstring set: 2,700 yen

Many guests bought drawstring sets.

I also bought one because I collect Tokyo Disney Resort drawstring sets.

  • Postcard set: 500 yen
  • Clear folder: 400 yen

These goods are a collection of Tokyo Disney Resort scenery.

You may have seen them on Instagram.

  • T-shirt: 3,900 yen
  • Smartphone case: 3,200 yen
  • Mini towel set: 2,500 yen

There are pictures from various angles, so you will never get tired of looking at them.

  • Mask & Case: 2,300 yen

I have never seen such a gorgeous mask lol.

The eye-catching pattern will make people find you from a distance if you wear this mask.

  • Pouch set: 3,200 yen

I also bought this pouch set.

The material is like a wetsuit and seems to be shock resistant.

Cushion featuring ice cream

  • Chocolate mint ice cream cushion: 3,000 yen

Chocolate mint ice cream lovers will love this cushion!

  • Popsicle cushion: 2,800 yen

The popsicles we definitely eat in the summer were also made into cushions, lol.

Tokyo Disneyland Toontown T-Shirt

  • T-shirt: 2,900 yen

T-shirts featuring Toontown photo spots are now available.

It is cute to wear with your family or friends.

Ear Headband

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  • It’s a Small World headband: 1,900yen

The It’s a Small World headband that was so popular at overseas Disney parks has finally made its way to Japan.

A huge line formed in front of Bon Voyage for the headbands, and they were sold out two hours after their release.

The New It’s a Small World headband is also available at ShopDisney!

  • See-through dot pattern headband: 1,800 yen
  • Balloon headband:1800yen

On June 23, 2022, the very popular headband was revived.

This headband is reversible, so you can choose either the front or back design.

  • Ariel headband: 1,900 yen

Ariel headbands, which were very popular last year, are now available again.

It is easy to match with summer clothes.


I reviewed the new merchandise for June 2022 at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Since I did not have time to visit the parks this time, I checked out the items at Bon Voyage.

Bon Voyage is not as well-stocked as the stores in the parks, but it is a great place to find most items.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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