Hopes for Tokyo DisneySea “Fantasy Springs” to open in 2023

Fantasy Springs under construction (October 2021)

Walt Disney quotes, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

As Walt said, Tokyo Disney Resort continues to evolve and develop.

Although the opening has been delayed due to COVID-19, a new theme port, Fantasy Springs, is scheduled to open in 2023.

So today, as one of the fans, I’ve made some predictions about Fantasy Springs, including opening dates, popular attractions, and more!

This is just my personal imagination, so it may not be absolutely true, but I hope you will enjoy it as one of the topics.

Fantasy Springs Overview

Let’s first check out what facilities are coming to Tokyo DisneySea’s new theme port, Fantasy Springs!

According to the official announcement, the new area will have attractions, restaurants, and a hotel.

This alone is enough to function as one amusement park, but it is one area within the Sea.

Official Blog
Fantasy Springs Overview

Attractions: 4 Facilities

  • A boat ride through the heartwarming story of Anna and Elsa
  • A gondola ride with Rapunzel to the Lantern Festival
  • An attraction that uses Tinkerbell’s pixie dust to fly up into the sky and fight pirates
  • An attraction that takes you on an adventure through Pixie Hollow, where Tinkerbell and her fairies live

Restaurant 3 Facilities

  • A restaurant in Arendelle Castle from “Frozen”
  • A restaurant based on the hideout of the merry rogues in “Rapunzel”
  • A restaurant with a beautiful night view of Neverland in “Peter Pan”

Hotel: Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel

Shop: Inside Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel

Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs under construction (July 2022)

Construction is still ongoing.

When riding the Resort Line, Fantasy Springs under construction can be seen on the left side of the line just past Tokyo Disneyland Station.

Forecast1: When will Fantasy Springs open?

An artist concept of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo Disney Sea
Press Release

Fantasy Springs is scheduled to open sometime in 2023, but I’m sure you’re wondering when the specific opening date is!

Speaking of 2023, Tokyo Disneyland will celebrate its 40th anniversary on April 15.

The park management will not dare to match the timing of events at Disneyland and the Sea.

Therefore, Fantasy Springs will not open in April.

It is also expected that the park will avoid opening during Golden Week (late April to May) and summer vacation (August), which is the peak season in Japan.

Soaring: Fantastic Flight in Tokyo Disney Sea
Soaring: Fantastic Flight

Looking back on the history of Tokyo Disney Resort, it seems that many new facilities and services (such as apps) are launched in July.

At Tokyo DisneySea, the opening date of Soaring: Fantastic Flight, a very popular attraction, was July 23.

Also, the opening date of Toy Story Mania is July 9.

So there is a good chance that Fantasy Springs will open in July.

Forecast 2: What is the most popular attraction?

The Peter Pan Area at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo Disney Sea
Press Release

Four attractions will be introduced at Fantasy Springs, and we are wondering which one will be the most popular.

Tokyo DisneySea has been characterized by its focus on large-scale attractions, such as Soaring and Tower of Terror.

Hence, the Peter Pan attraction is likely to be the most main attraction at Fantasy Springs.

Official Blog

There are two types of Peter Pan attractions, but the one that is likely to be the most popular is the large attraction with pirates.

The attraction description says that it will use “pixie dust” to fly into the sky, so it will be a large-scale set.

Also, since 3D images will be used, it will be an attraction with a new sensation.

I can’t wait to experience it, but as with New Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland, it will probably be an entry request at first.

Oh, if you want to be one of the first to experience it, is there an option called Disney Premier Access (extra charge)?

Well, the most reliable would be the vacation package, although it is more expensive.

Forecast 3: Will there be a second entrance?

Tokyo Disney Sea Large-Scale Expansion Project Development Site
Some additions to the official announcement on May 21, 2019

Fantasy Springs is under construction, but in terms of location, it will be at the far end of the Tokyo Disney Sea property.

The distance from the current entrance is likely to be more than 0.9 miles, making it an inconvenient location for small children and the elderly who have difficulty walking.

Duffy and Disney Sea Transit Steamer Line

Some attractions at Tokyo DisneySea can be used as a means of transportation.

However, there is no ocean or river leading to Fantasy Springs, so it will be difficult to take the Transit Steamer Line to get there.

Then, Disney’s first second entrance may be built.

Fantasy Springs Hotel Under Construction (July 2022)

Fantasy Springs is right in front of the Bayside Station station on the Resort Line.

On the other side of the station is the Toy Story Hotel.

If a second entrance were to be built, it might be for Disney Hotel guests only.

Also, the Fantasy Springs Hotel facing the park may have a gate for guests only, like Hotel MiraCosta!

Forecast 4: Character Greeting at Fantasy Springs

At Tokyo Disneyland and Sea, guests have the opportunity to “Free Greetings” from characters strolling through the parks.

Once Fantasy Springs opens, Tinkerbell, Anna, and Elsa may start appearing at the free greetings!

My daughter loves Elsa and would be so happy to meet her.


I have presented my predictions about the new Tokyo DisneySea theme port, Fantasy Springs, from the perspective of Disney fans.

It will be a place beyond our imagination.

I’m looking forward to the opening of Fantasy Springs now.

We appreciate your Comments!