Tokyo DisneySea’s Duffy Merchandise | 20th Anniversary Items

Tokyo DisneySea will celebrate its 20th Anniversary on September 4, 2021.

I introduced in my previous blog that there will be a 20th-anniversary item for Mickey & Friends.

One of the features of Tokyo DisneySea is Duffy & Friends.

There will also be Duffy & Friends items to celebrate the park’s 20th Anniversary.

I’ll be sharing some of the Duffy & Friends Merchandise from Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary.

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Duffy & Friends Merchandise for Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary

You can buy Duffy & Friends merchandise at Tokyo DisneySea, which is celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

The title of the product is “Starry Dreams.” The concept is a dream that Duffy had.

Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary Duffy & Friends, Starry Dreams
Tokyo Disney Resort Blog

There are a total of 34 kinds of goods to be released this time. I’ll introduce some of the items that I think will be popular.

Hairbands are available for Duffy and ShellieMay.

ShellieMay also has a shoulder bag. I want to use it together with the hairband.

Plush toys with chains are cute when attached to tote bags or backpacks.

Plush costumes are available. Note that you’ll need to buy the plushie separately.

The pillows also come with plush toys of Duffy and ShellieMay. It’s cute that Duffy is holding on to the clouds.

The top of the pajamas became a long shirt, giving it a new and stylish look.

The pajamas come with a drawstring, so they’re convenient for traveling.

The home planetarium is a new item. It is the most expensive of the items, but it is also cute as an ornament.

Where to buy Duffy & Friends Merchandise

You can buy Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary Duffy & Friends merchandise at the McDuck’s Department Store at the American Waterfront. Since it’s inside the park, you’ll need a ticket to visit the store.

Release date: September 3, 2021

Note: The day before the 20th-anniversary event

Map of McDuck’s Department Store

Map of McDuck's Department Store
McDuck’s Department Store Location


I introduced the Duffy & Friends products for Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary.

Please refer to the official Tokyo Disney Resort blog and merchandise page for more information on the items.

ShellieMay hair bands and plush toys with chains are going to be very popular.

The 20th-anniversary event will run for a year, so hopefully, the items won’t sell out too early.

Be sure to check out my previous post on Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary products.

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