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Is there anything you would like to experience when you come to Japan?

My recommendation is Japanese food. Japanese food is called “Washoku” in Japanese and was registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2013 as a traditional Japanese food culture.

You can find “Washoku” restaurants all over Japan, and there is also a restaurant in Tokyo Disney Sea that serves Japanese food.

There may be few people who come to Tokyo Disney Sea and think of eating Japanese food.

There are also Italian and Chinese restaurants at Tokyo Disney Sea. However, that is also available at Disney theme parks around the world. I think one of the unique features of Tokyo Disney Sea is that it has Japanese restaurants. Or your stay in Japan is short, and you want to enjoy both parks and Japanese food at Tokyo Disney Sea, this article is for you.

Restaurant Sakura at Tokyo Disney Sea

Restaurant Sakura is the only Japanese restaurant in Tokyo Disney Sea.

There is a story that this restaurant was originally a fish market converted into a restaurant by Japanese immigrants. You can find remains of the former fish market inside the restaurant.

Sakura’s Location

Map of the American Waterfront area of Tokyo DIsney Sea, depicting the location of Restaurant Sakura

Restaurant Sakura is located in the New York area of the American Waterfront.

Tokyo Disney Sea, McDuck's Department Store, American Water Front

If you take a left from Mediterranean Harbor, there’s a McDuck’s Department Store.

Tokyo Disney Sea, American Waterfront, Water St

Go down the street to the right of McDuck’s, and you’ll see Restaurant Sakura on your right.

Sakura’s Menu

Restaurant Sakura serves a classic Japanese meal style called “Teishoku.” Teishoku” is a combination of rice, miso soup, pickles, and side dishes made of meat, fish, or vegetables and is considered an ideal nutritional balance.

Food Review

This section introduces the popular Tempura Set and Tonkatsu Set menus at Restaurant Sakura.

Tempura Set

Tokyo Disney Sea, Restaurant Sakura, American Waterfront, Tempura
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Tempura is seafood or vegetables that have been covered in batter and fried in oil. The tempura batter is made with tempura flour, which makes the batter crispy. This crispy texture is only available when the tempura is freshly made, so it is best to eat it while it is still hot.

There are many ways to eat tempura, but the first thing to do is dip it in tempura sauce. Japanese people sometimes add grated daikon radish as a condiment to Tempura sauce. The white stuff on the same plate as the tempura is grated daikon radish. I like to use grated daikon radish because I feel it makes the tempura less oily. However, please note that grated daikon radish has a spicy taste similar to wasabi. 

The unusual thing about Restaurant Sakura’s tempura is that they have soft shell crab. I’ve never seen soft-shell crab tempura anywhere else.

Another way to eat tempura is with salt, but at Restaurant Sakura, it comes with bagna cauda sauce. This bagna cauda sauce goes well with the soft shell crab tempura.

Tonkatsu set

Tokyo Disney Sea, Restaurant Sakura, American Waterfront, Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu are thick pork cutlets breaded with flour, egg, and bread crumbs and then deep-fried in oil.

They are cooked in a similar way to tempura, but the ingredients are different. Japanese breadcrumbs have large grains and a crumbly texture.

Tonkatsu is typically topped with a unique sweet and spicy tonkatsu sauce and served almost always with Karashi, Japanese mustard, shredded cabbage, and a slice of lemon. Karashi is the yellow one on the plate with the tonkatsu.

First, squeeze the lemon on the tonkatsu and pour the lemon juice over it. Then dip the tonkatsu in the tonkatsu sauce and eat.The Karashi is quite spicy, so try it after you see how it goes.

Restaurant Sakura’s tonkatsu is tender and juicy. Tonkatsu is a favorite food of many Japanese people. It also goes well with cooked rice.

A la carte

Tokyo Disney Sea, Restaurant Sakura, Charlie's special miso clam chowder
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You can order Charlie’s special miso clam chowder at Restaurant Sakura.

Charlie Tanaka is the man who renovated a fish market to create the restaurant Sakura, and he invented miso clam chowder by combining American clam chowder with miso. It’s in Japanese, but here’s the recipe for miso clam chowder.

Miso clam chowder comes in an earthenware pot. Earthenware pots retain heat very well and are often used for long-simmering. Therefore, miso clam chowder is delicious because it soaks up the miso flavor and does not get cold.

Miso clam chowder comes in a pot, so there is a lot of it, and if you eat it by yourself, you will be a full stomach. It is recommended to share it with others. You can also order a single serving of cooked rice at Restaurant Sakura. Making a set of miso clam chowder and rice is also an option.


Tokyo Disney Sea, Restaurant Sakura, The fruit and Warabi mochi parfait

Restaurant Sakura has great Japanese sweets, too. You can get a discount if you order it with a set meal.

I recommend the fruit and Warabi mochi parfait. Warabi mochi is a Japanese dessert with a jelly-like consistency, slightly chewy, and topped with syrup. If you order the parfait by itself, it costs $7, but if you order it with the set meal, it costs $5.

Advantages of Dining at Restaurant Sakura

When you come to Japan, you will see Japanese restaurants here and there, but there are advantages to eating Japanese food at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Free Houjicha tea

Tokyo Disney Sea, Restaurant Sakura, Hojicha

At Restaurant Sakura, Hojicha is served at the end of each meal. This is free of charge as it is a form of hospitality.

Hojicha is roasted green tea with no bitterness and is easy to drink. After a greasy meal, drinking Hojicha will refresh your mouth.

Top-notch service

The service provided by the Cast Members at Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the best in Japan. Not only do they greet you well, but they are also very caring. It will bring the same sense of security to both Japanese and foreigners. Also, many Cast Members speak English and are accustomed to giving directions in English.

No need to use chopsticks

Most meals in Japan are served with chopsticks. If you are new to using chopsticks, you may be hesitant to use them. However, Tokyo Disney Resort provides knives and forks, so you don’t have to worry if you can’t use chopsticks.

Instagrammable tableware

Tokyo Disney Sea, Restaurant Sakura, American Waterfront, Rice

When you enter a Japanese restaurant at Tokyo Disney Resort, be sure to pay attention to the tableware. For set meals, there are square and round-shaped ceramic plates and soup bowls. Miso clam chowder is served in an earthenware pot. Being able to take pictures of so many Japanese dishes at once will be a precious experience.

How to make a reservation

Restaurant Sakura, Tokyo Disney Sea, American Water Front

Restaurant Sakura is a Priority Seating restaurant. Reservations are recommended. You may be able to get in by going directly to the restaurant, but you will have to wait at least 30 minutes in that case.

Making a reservation is recommended because it makes it easier to plan your attraction selection. It is also better to make a reservation if you are with children.


Restaurant Sakura is recommended for those who want to eat Japanese food in Japan.

Although not featured in this article, you can also eat boiled fish. The bones of the fish have been removed so that you can eat it without worry.

Speaking of the American Waterfront, I also recommend the Dockside Diner. Dockside Diner has curry-flavored clam chowder.

Japanese food is also available at Hokusai in Tokyo Disneyland.

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